Zumba Gold? You bet!

Have you heard of Zumba yet? It is the latest fitness craze, where you spend an hour dancing to Latin songs. While they say it’s more of a party rather than an exercise class, people are seeing the benefits of doing it across the nation. And the best part is that there is Zumba Gold for all you baby boomers!

Zumba Gold is a Zumba class that has been modified and designed for the baby boomer generation and senior citizens. What they have done is take the traditional Zumba class and have made the moves easier for the active older adult to perform. This is great news for baby boomers because it adds a fun way for you to get active! Plus, it is supposed to burn around 500 calories per hour, so it can certainly help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Some of the dance styles that are part of the Zumba Gold class include salsa, reggae, and the meringue. It’s fast paced and all set to Latin music. Before you know it, the hour will be gone and you will be dripping in sweat from such a good workout!

Here are a few tips for getting started taking a Zumba Gold class:

Check with your local YMCA and senior citizen center to see if they offer any Zumba Gold classes. If not, suggest that they add them or ask if they know where they are offered. You may also want to check the Zumba official site for a location near you.


Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move easily because you will be doing some dances. Also, if you find that you like Zumba Gold classes and want to stay doing them, get shoes that will allow you to pivot and turn easily. Wearing running shoes or many other types of sneakers can be hard on the knees because of all the turns. Either invest in some dance sneakers or the slip on cover (a band) that goes over your sneakers, making it easier to move.

Take plenty of water with you and drink it before, during, and after the Zumba Gold class. It is important to stay hydrated since you will sweat a lot in this class, so take a drink whenever you need to.

Try the class more than once and be patient. Because it is probably so different than what you have done before, you may feel lost the first class or two. Stick with it, and like most people, you will probably end up loving it!

So should you give Zumba Gold a try? As a personal trainer for baby boomers, I do believe it’s a great cardio workout to add to your regime. Whether you want the perfect body or to focus on weight loss and physical fitness, it is a step in the right direction. Do that a couple of times a week, along with your resistance training workout, and your body will really thank you!

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