You can start doing Pilates for people over 60


Pilates is an increasingly popular form of exercise that many people are turning to in order to help improve balance and muscle tone. If you have thought about Pilates and considered doing it, but worried that you may be too old to get started, trust me when I say that you are not. You will gain a lot from getting started with Pilates, even when you are over the age of 60!

As a personal trainer and fitness expert in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve helped many people to reach their fitness goals, lose weight, and just feel better about themselves. One of your highest priorities, no matter what age you may be, is to improve your quality of life and overall well being. Pilates is one of those things that can help you do just that.

An exercise that people do in addition to their cardio routine, because it doesn’t provide cardio benefits, Pilates will help you improve balance. It’s also great for toning your muscles, improving muscle strength and coordination, and improving overall well being. It can help you reduce stress, combat depression, and will help to give you better posture and improved flexibility.

If you are someone who suffers from arthritis, Pilates will be helpful for that as well. It has been used by many people to help reduce chronic pain that they experience from low back pain and arthritis. Pilates is especially helpful for those over the age of 60, because with the improved balance and flexibility, it can help you remain more mobile and reduce risks of injury. Falls are one of the most common problems that people over the age of 60 experience, so being able to maintain your balance better is going to provide benefits that may keep you more stable and out of harm’s way.

Pilates involves a series of exercises that focus on using the muscles in slow, very controlled movements. It’s a safe and low impact way to exercise and it can be done just about anywhere. Pilates is usually offered in health clubs in group class settings, or you can get a video and do it right from the comfort of your own home. Doing it a couple of times per week, for around 45 minutes or so per class, will bring some great benefits that you will notice after doing it for a couple of months.

Being over 60 should never be an excuse for not getting healthy or taking care of your body. Pilates is a great activity to add to your weekly routine, no matter what age you are. Give it a try and see what it does for you and how you feel doing it. You may just be surprised at how much stronger you feel as a result!