Yoga Tips for Those Over 40 that You Can Do in 10 Minutes – Part 1


If you are over 40, you may be one of the millions of people who spend too much time sitting. Those in office positions often spend hours on end sitting at a desk. This isn’t good for your health and will leave you tired, sluggish, and looking for something better. That something better can be found in doing just 10 minutes of yoga!

When you think of doing yoga, you probably think that you’d have to fit in an hour class. But did you know that you can get some great benefits from it just for engaging in a 10-minute session? It’s true! Getting up from your desk to do 10 minutes of yoga, or doing it for 10 minutes to get your day started each morning, is going to be a welcome relief to your body.

Doing yoga helps to reduce stress, improve immunity, combat depression, and will rejuvenate you. To do this 10-minute yoga workout, hold each pose while doing five deep breaths, and repeat each series of poses three times.

Mountain Pose

This is good for the thighs and core muscles.

Stand straight up, with your legs and feet together, bring hands together in a praying position in front of your chest. Engage your lower body as you stand tall and focus on your breathing.

Tree Pose

The tree pose is good for your spine, strengthening your ankles and thighs, and increasing flexibility. For this pose, stand on one leg, while bending the other one out to bring the bottom of the foot on to your knee, so that it looks like a triangle. Clasp hands together in front of your chest and balance on the one leg while doing the deep breathing.

Standing Side Lean Pose

This pose is good for strengthening your core muscles. Stand up tall with hands clasped up and over your head. Gently lean to one side and hold it, then slowly stand up straight again and gently lean to the other side. Do this while continuing to do the deep breathing.

Warrior Pose

This pose is good for improving flexibility and strengthening the ankles, thighs, and back. Get into a lunge position, with hands extended, one straight out in front of you, with the other behind you. Keep your core aligned and upright, and look straight ahead, while doing deep breathing.

With this 10-minute yoga workout, you will rejuvenate and feel great. Everyone has 10 minutes that they can give to helping themselves get the right start to the day or to take a break from the office chair!