Yoga for Older Women – Let’s get started!

Couple of female friends in their forties connecting and staying healthy by practicing yoga in nature

If yoga is something that has seemed like a mystery to you, then you are not alone. While many people hear the word yoga, they don’t always know what it is and whether or not it’s something they should even attempt. Forget worrying about what it takes to strike a pose, and just give yoga a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised at what it can do for you!

As a personal trainer who has helped many older women in the Pacific Northwest area to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, I know plenty of women who have overcome their fear of yoga to give it a try. What they usually find out is that it’s something they truly enjoy and it elevates their quality of life. The more you learn about yoga and incorporate it into your life, the more you may also become a yoga fan. Without a doubt, you will reap the benefits of including it into your routine.

Yoga is a mind/body practice and is one that has an ancient history that comes from India. While there are several types of yoga, the most common one that is performed in America is Hatha yoga, which is based on using a series of postures and breathing exercises. Not only is it something that can be relaxing and help you de-stress your life, but it is considered by the National Institutes of Health to be one of the top 10 complementary and integrative health approaches used among adults in the country.

There are numerous health benefits that come from doing yoga regularly. The health benefits include that it helps to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, helps combat depression, helps asthma, and may even be beneficial for arthritis. It’s also been shown to help bring about relief from chronic low back pain and some other painful conditions that people experience.

At this point, you may be wondering if, being an older woman, you are past the age of getting into yoga. Not a chance! One of the great things about doing yoga is that there is no right or wrong age for it. Yoga is something anyone and everyone can do. There are children who do it and there are senior citizens who do it. Yoga is for everyone. Never let age hold you back from getting involved in exercise and wellness programs. The rewards and benefits of them are too great to pass up.

If you are ready to give yoga a try, look around for a class in your area. They are often offered at parks and recreation departments, senior centers, health clubs, gyms, and at yoga houses. Try a couple of instructors and types of yoga to find the one that is a good fit for you. Your body will be glad you did!