Yoga for Older Women Beginners – You can do that!


If you are an older woman who is interested in getting started with yoga, good for you! Many people who are older are interested in yoga, but they fear that they missed the boat when it comes to starting. They feel that if they are older and didn’t do it when they were younger, that maybe they should skip it all together. I’m here to say just the opposite!

As a personal trainer and fitness expert in the Pacific Northwest, I have helped many older women (and men) to realize their fitness goals. I have worked with enough of them and long enough to know that they often place limits on themselves because of their age. They may be interested in trying something, such as yoga, but shy away because it’s new to them. No matter what your age is, you are never too old to get started with yoga. You can absolutely do it and enjoy every moment of it!

Yoga for beginners is perfect for those who are older and want to give it a try. There are several types of yoga, with Hatha being the most common type in the U.S. When you are looking for a class to try, or a video to use, opt for one that says it is ideal for beginners. This will help you ease into a class, so you can get a taste of what it’s like. Keep in mind that you won’t always be a beginner, so before long you will be able to advance to other yoga classes.

Finding a yoga class is not difficult, because today they are offered in many places. You can find them in senior centers, health clubs, and even dedicated yoga houses. If you prefer to do the yoga from home, you can do that as well. With a good yoga DVD, you can enjoy yoga right from your own living room, saving you time and money, while still gaining the benefits.

Often times, the hardest part about beginning something new, such as yoga, is just taking that first step. In your mind, you build up this image of what it will be like, often creating fear where there shouldn’t be any. Once you get into the class, that fear fades away within minutes and then you will soon feel comfortable. Going back for the second class will be a breeze.

Take the first steps and find a beginner program for you to give a try. The benefits you gain from doing the yoga will keep you going back for more. Everyone benefits from doing yoga, including those who are older, and often times especially those who are older.