Why Writing a Letter to Yourself is Good

Not long ago I went to a personal development training seminar called a “Date with Destiny.” It turned out to provide a quite useful experience that I want to share with you all here. During this seminar we had an exercise where you write yourself a letter. While it may seem a little odd at first, let me explain why it’s actually a really good thing to do!

Our mission was to write a letter to our future self. The one that had accomplished the goals that we had wanted to do. We had to write about the progress we had made as a person, how hard we had worked, and more. So we did all this writing, then the letter gets taken away and is sent out to you six months later. Wow, when you get that letter in the mail six months later, it is great to read what you had written!

Writing a letter to future self is a great way to think through and really verbalize what it is that you want. It also uses the laws of attraction to help bring it to you. Then, once you get the letter, you get the opportunity to build your confidence as you read the wonderful things you said about yourself. We spend a lot of time beating ourselves up, so it’s nice to finally get something in the mail where we said nice things.

Here’s what you should do to write a letter to your future self:

Be sure to include the basics, like your name and today’s date. Then determine a time in the future that the letter will be sent to you. Six months would be ideal.

Think about where you want to be with your goals in six months and use that as a reference point. Congratulate yourself on achieving those goals and discuss the hard work it took to get there.

Find a way to get it to you in six months. There are several things you can do here, such as have someone else mail it to you in six months, or put it in a sealed envelope and mark your calendar to open it. There are even time capsule services online that will send you something later.

Once you get the letter six months later, read it over carefully. Consider how much you have grown as a person in that time and the goals that you achieved. This can be quite an eye-opening and confidence building experience. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It takes just minutes, but six months from now you will enjoy reading what you wrote to yourself today!