Why People Fail at their Fitness Resolutions (and What to Do About it)

Have you ever watched the Allstate advertisement about jogging mayhem? If not, check it out. This commercial always makes me think about why people fail at their fitness resolutions. It happens each year as people set them with the best of intentions. If you check out the Allstate ad, you will see that the driver is distracted and not paying much attention to his mission. The mayhem causes him to fail. But once you know about the things that can help make you fail at your fitness resolutions, the better you will be at addressing them!

Just picture your New Year’s resolution. If it is like millions of others, it is something along the lines of the idea that you are going to lose 20 pounds, be in great shape, take a vacation, and be the envy of all your friends. And yes, even be able to keep up better with the grandchildren. Sounds like a great resolution, right?

But before you know it, things happen. You get sidetracked and forget about taking that walk to burn extra calories. You reach for a second helping of the mashed potatoes and gravy and add on a slice of cake for dessert. Before you know it, you can’t even remember all the details of what our resolution included! And no, you are not forgetting those details because you are a baby boomer. Most people forget them, regardless of age!

Here are some of the biggest reasons why people fail at achieving their fitness resolutions:

Not having a plan. Those who wonder aimlessly around the gym tend to get bored and quit after a while.

Not measuring goals, such as taking a picture for visual evidence. What you can do is find a picture when you were at your best, as well as one the way you look now. This will give you something to work toward. Plus, it shows you have done it before.

Not checking process accurately. The scale is not a good way to gauge your success, believe it or not. Instead, you should get body fat checked every two to three weeks.

Not being held accountable. Most people try to go it alone, and when they have nobody to be accountable for, they tend to cut back. Way back.

Having the “holiday hangover” as I like to call it. This is where people try to do everything in one day. Rather than that, change one thing a day, such as your creamer in the coffee, or working out for 20 minutes, then increasing to 21 minutes the next day, and to 50 minutes by the end of the month.

Working with a personal trainer can help to address a lot of these problems. A personal trainer can help you create a plan, measure goals, check progress, and help hold you accountable. Be sure to work with a personal trainer who you feel comfortable with. And if you can find one that specializes in baby boomers, it’s even better! When you address the issues above, you will be much more successful at being successful with your fitness goals this year!