What does functional aging mean for men and women over 50?

gym fitness TRX training exercises at gym woman and man push-ups workout

As a personal trainer who works with older adults in the Vancouver, Washington area, I learn a lot about what this group of people focuses on. Too many of them tend to focus on their chronological age, which is how old they are, and use that number to help determine whether or not they think they engage in certain physical activity. The good news is that it doesn’t matter how old you are chronologically. What matters is your functional aging!

Functional aging means to live well. It’s just that simple. Rather than focusing on the number that your driver’s license or birth certificate shows you are, you are focusing on how well you are living. By engaging in functional aging, you are refusing to let the number of years you have been on this planet be the driving force for living your life and whether or not you engage in physical activity.

I encourage my clients at Boomer Fitness to focus more on functional aging, rather than getting hung up on their chronological age. There are three main areas that you should focus on to engage in functional aging:

  1. Things you need to do. There are things that we all need to do in life in order to be happy, healthy, and keep our lives moving forward. Determine what those things are for you and make them happen.
  2. Things you enjoy doing. When is the last time you asked yourself what you really love to do and then went and did it? Now is the time. Have some fun and spend some days really engaging in something that you enjoy doing, whether it’s knitting a new blanket or honing your dancing skills. Make sure that you have fun on a regular basis by doing something that you enjoy.
  3. Things you dream of doing. What is something you have always dreamed of doing and haven’t yet done? Write a few of those down, then start by picking one and making it happen. The only way to make the dream a reality is to put it into action.

It should go without saying that you need to exercise. Even those who don’t want to face up to it realize that regular exercise is crucial for being healthy and having longevity. By living a life that focuses on functional aging, you will be able to raise your standards, reach for new goals, and be open to new opportunities. The days will pass anyway (if you are fortunate), so you should make the most of them and do what will help you live a more quality life and help you enjoy these golden years more.

Take life by the horns today and choose to focus on functional aging, rather than chronological aging!

If you want to learn how to functionally age.  Make sure to check out the Functional Aging Institute Here