Weight training increases natural testosterone

Without the use of any pills, male Baby Boomers can increase their natural testosterone levels, those very unique male hormones key to a satisfying love life. As a Baby Boomer, you can accomplish this by weight training on a regular basis. Here is a list of five powerful weight training exercises that can increase natural testosterone:

Squats: These are exercises performed using the large muscle groups in the legs. To successfully complete a squat, stand up straight and pretend you are going to take a seat in a chair. Instead of sitting, come right back up. Complete several quick sets, making sure your knee is in line with your heel each time.

Deadlifts: These are powerful moves that include a weighted bar. Stand in front of the weighted bar, bend at the knees and lift the bar with straight arms. Keep your back straight and pull yourself and the bar up using the strength of your legs, not your back.

Bench Presses: These are typical stations at gyms and work well in home gyms as well. Lay face up on the bench and push the weighted bar above your chest. It is best to perform these exercises with someone else who “spots” you to make sure the weight does not accidently slip out of your hands and onto your chest or face.

Military Presses: These are weighted exercises in which you sit down and press weights above you. Several quick reps will definitely get your heart pumping!

Pull-Ups: Yes, these are those old-fashioned and time-honored exercises in which you hold your body underneath a bar and dangle your legs so they are not touching the floor or anything else. You then pull yourself up to raise your chin above the bar, using your arm muscles to pull you up.

Baby Boomers who perform these and other similar intense weight training exercises that use large groups of muscles all at once will naturally build their testosterone levels.

Furthermore, to help build boost your weight training session and increase your male hormones, consume the right nutrients. Here is a list of five good-for-you foods and nutrients that help to improve men’s overall health, with an emphasis on reproductive and hormonal needs:

Protein-rich foods like eggs, red meat, chicken, fish and nuts

Zinc, as found in shellfish, lean beef, pork, nuts and legumes

Lycopene, as found in tomatoes, which can help to decrease the chance of developing prostate cancer

Soybeans, which are rich in isoflavones, which also help to protect prostate health and can lower the risk of develop prostate cancer
Whole grain pasta, which is also beneficial for prostate health