Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40

Once you hit the age of 40, most women start to take notice of their health and weight more. They suddenly feel an urge to start getting healthy, so if that’s you, know that you are not alone. As a personal trainer who has helped many women get into shape throughout the Pacific Northwest, I have seen first-hand what dedication can do to help you reach your goals. Believe it or not yet, weight loss is not a losing battle.

Let’s be real about weight loss. Chances are, you have tried numerous times in the past to lose weight, but you have had set backs. I’m here to tell you that you can overcome those setbacks and go on to lose weight and keep it off. Life happens and challenges arise, it happens to everyone, but don’t let it hold you back from starting again and continuing on to keep reaching for your goals.

Here are 5 weight loss tips for women over 40 to keep in mind:

  1. Create a vision. The laws of attraction work. Give some thought to what you want to look like with the weight loss. Be realistic as you are creating that vision. How do you want to look and what clothes do you want to buy? See yourself as someone without the extra weight.
  2. Forgive yourself. Yes, you have had setbacks. So what. In order to be successful going forward you must forgive yourself for the setbacks. Life happens. When you get off track you just quickly get back on track. You have to realize that we are not our behaviors from a few setbacks. If you were driving down the road and made a wrong turn on your way to your destination you wouldn’t give up. You’d get back on the right course. With your weight loss you have to do the same thing.
  3. Prioritize goals. This has to be a top goal and you need to define why it’s important to you. Write it down, own it, and keep it nearby. Remind yourself daily why it is that you want to lose weight.
  4. Take action. Every day remind yourself of what your goal is and then take steps to make it live. Keep the goal alive every day by taking action. Small steps every day in the right direction will get you there over the long term course.
  5. Celebrate success. Many people are quick to point out their setbacks and beat themselves up over them, but they don’t celebrate their successes. Take the time to celebrate your successes and milestones. You deserve the recognition, so be sure to take it.

Weight loss for women over 40 may be slightly more challenging, but it’s way more important. You have reached an age where you have to get serious about taking care of your body so that it continues on for decades more and you reduce your risks of common diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Weight loss is a challenge that you can take on and beat!