Top 10 Traits of Boomer Fitness Boot Campers and Personal Fitness Clients


People often ask me what it is that helps the Boomer Fitness Campers to be so successful. They wonder how my personal fitness clients do so well. This is a good question, but the answers may surprise you because it is honestly more about what they are doing than what we are doing. It’s all about the mindset they walk through the door with and maintain on a daily and weekly basis. That makes all the difference!

Here the top 10 traits that I find Boomer Fitness Boot Campers and personal fitness clients have:

The clients I work with realize that this is a lifestyle. It’s not a temporary fix or a be all and end all. This is something they will need to stick with for the long haul. They realize that our goals are to be healthy, but that you don’t achieve it overnight. You do it by having smaller goals that you reach throughout your life.

They don’t allow fear to rule them. Rather, they look their fears in the face and do it anyway. Maybe your starting point will be horrible. You may be overweight and your body may not be what you want it to be, you may hate how your clothes feel on you, too. You may have even been giving more to the people around you and forgetting to take time to take care of yourself.

They develop a new identity, by becoming who they truly are on the inside. They no longer feel they have to hide behind false images and put up fake fronts. They can just be themselves and know that everyone here accepts them for who they are.

They work for their results each and every day. They will put in the effort to run the play, do the workouts, and they keep working at it. Even when they are tired, they will push on to eat the right foods and get in the extra steps.

They don’t use a scale to determine how successful they are. I know what you are thinking, how else will I know if I’m losing weight or not? Sometimes the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. Maybe it will show you only lost two pounds, but really you are healthier and lost fat. Now you have a better metabolism, you are stronger, and your clothes are fitting better.

They understand the importance of measuring their calories. Calories that you consume have to be used or they will be stored as energy (fat). They do their best to make sure they are staying within their calorie goals.

They don’t just look at calories, either. They focus on eating more nutrient dense foods, so they will get more bang for their buck and fuel their bodies better.

They make it a priority to be at all of their boot camps four days per week to build, and two days per week to maintain. In other words, they are committed to the program and stick with it for the long haul.

They believe in themselves and keep their minds focused on what they want to achieve, rather than focusing on any negatives. The right mindset makes a world of difference in your overall success.

They are not afraid to ask for help when they need it. If they are feeling down, have questions, or are not sure of the next step they will ask for help and guidance.

In the Vancouver, Washington area I have found some great people to be a part of our fitness boot camps. They are dedicated and successful largely because of these traits, and you can be, too!

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