Too Busy For Exercise? Or Too Busy For Life?

In your super busy running all day no time to waste world, exercise is a option you just don’t have.


Then tell me something, which would you prefer?

An hour of exercise?


A lifetime of health problems?

Being too busy for anything is an excuse. What you really mean to say is I have better things to do and exercise isn’t on that list.

But if you choose to continue to be too busy for exercise then you need to prepare yourself for the time when you have to say goodbye to your super busy running all day no time to waste world. Because if you’re not healthy and fit, you’re not going to be running your life anymore.

Here are some effective way to get the exercise you need without compromising your time and to stay healthy:

Bring your walking shoes to work and enjoy a thirty minute walk each day.

Wake up twenty minutes earlier then you normally would and start your day off with a yoga session.

Carve out three twenty minute slots a week — add it to your day planner like you would an appointment. These ‘appointments’ are your strenuous workouts. Cardiovascular and muscle toning should be your focus.

Keep a ‘health drawer’ in your office. The health drawer should be full of healthy snacks such as granola, nuts and other low fat items.
Drink plenty of water.

When you’re on the go it’s easy to grab a soda or coffee. Ignore them and go for the good ol’ fashioned water.

De-stress once a week by engaging in a sixty minute yoga session. Sunday evenings are the perfect time for this session as it gets you relaxed and focused for the following week.

You can never be too busy to be healthy. If you have to, make appointments for your workouts; it will be harder to break that way.

4 thoughts on “Too Busy For Exercise? Or Too Busy For Life?

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  2. Christine Elias

    My trainer suggests finding a short activity to start my day…I get to
    choose. This bit of movement gets the metabolism “out of the gate”.
    Much like the suggestions you make in the article above.

  3. admin Post author

    What are your top ways to get your metabolism “out of the gate” do share:)

  4. Christine Elias

    I have a 20 minute Yoga tape I use on these dreary mornings.
    Other days I take the dog for a short walk.
    On those glorious warm sunny mornings(haven’t seen one in a few months),
    I get on my bike.
    I’d love some fresh ideas…

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