The Transformation of Wendi Estrada


Many people can relate to what Wendi Estrada was going through before she made the decision to join Boomer Fitness. She was overweight, out of shape, and was feeling breathless when she would go up the stairs. She also cringed inside every time someone wanted to take a picture of her. Making the decision to join Boomer Fitness and give it her all, she did more than lose weight. She changed the way she looked at exercise in general.

“My energy levels are much higher, I’ve lost 40 pounds and my mindset about exercising has really changed,” she says. “I think I’ve really been encouraged to be strong and I see a lot of benefits in that and it’s a big mental shift in how I looked at exercise.”

Her mind went from thinking she had to do lots of cardio to be thin to learning how to be strong and healthy. She also learned to not value herself by the number she sees on the scale. Today she looks in the mirror to see if she likes the results she is getting from her hard work at the gym. This has made her feel more confident, and she has even added in more goals that involve strengthen training and running.

“My experience at Boomer Fitness has been great,” she adds. “The trainers have always been encouraging and helpful and I like all of them. I was never intimidated by the classes because they are there for you.”

Many people often feel intimidated going to gyms to work out, but what Wendi found is that the people who go to Boomer Fitness don’t fit that stereotypical mold. They are positive and supportive of everyone, regardless of size, shape or age. Everyone is there to get healthy and have a great workout. She also found a team atmosphere by going to classes with a core group of women for the last six months. They have even created a network where they support each other and look out for one another.

“The first week is hard, so is the second,” says Wendi. “The third week you start to feel like you are making ground. It’s not easy, so don’t quit, and understand that we all start from the beginning.”

When Wendi isn’t at the gym these days she can be found teaching English to non-native speakers, crafting, and gardening. But she’s doing it with a lot more ease, comfort, and confidence now that she’s feeling healthier and stronger!