The Top Baby Boomer Sex Drive Killers

The other day I was driving in the car and I kept hearing commercials for erectile dysfunction. I come into the house, put the television on, and there again I see commercials showing baby boomers that need a special pill because of erectile dysfunction. Turn on my computer, and you guessed it, more ads for the same thing! What is going on here? Is the truth really found in a pill or is it something else?

Selling the little blue pill, or those for erectile dysfunction, is a business just like any other. And it is one that makes drug companies really rich! In fact, in just the year 2007 the top two companies selling the pill spent a combined $230 million advertising the pill in order to make people aware of it and prompt sales. On the back end, those two drug manufacturers raked in over a billion combined! So telling baby boomers they need an erectile dysfunction pill to solve the problem is worth a lot of money!

But the truth of the matter is that most of those people getting the pills don’t really need them. What they need is to take a look at their lifestyle choices. When you really deal with the heart or truth of the matter, it is clear to see that the problem of not being able to, um, perform like you once used to, comes down to the lifestyle choices you are making. When you make poor lifestyle choices, such as not eating healthy and not taking care of your body, then you will need to rely upon artificial methods (a.k.a. the pill), in order to help you with your sex drive.

Here are the top sex drive killers for baby boomers:

Stress and depression

Issues with your partner (lack of communication)

Alcohol (it numbs many people)

Being too tired (lack of sleep equals lack of performance)

Medications (those for blood pressure and hormone replacement therapy, for example)

Body image (not liking what you see in the mirror leaves you feeling unsexy)

The absolute best way to deal with all the above sex drive killers is not a prescription pill! Not by a long shot. The reality is that the best way for baby boomers to deal with these sex drive killers is to adopt a long term healthy diet and workout routine. When you get fit and make it a priority, it will do wonders for your sex life.

Living a healthy lifestyle, which means working out and eating healthy, will reduce stress and leave you mentally feeling better, resulting in your liking your body image more. You will also end up sleeping better and when you are fit, you will most likely not need all the medications. The only last issue remaining that is sometimes a sex drive killer is the alcohol, and with that, you just need to learn your limits!