Holiday Weight Gain is Bull Shit – and Totally Unacceptable!

Yes, I said it. And I’m going to challenge you on it. You know what I mean. The very idea that just because it is the holiday season you have to succumb to the idea that you will gain anywhere form 4-10 pounds. That’s what is reported as being average during this time of year, right? Well I say enough is enough. That’s not acceptable. Let me explain why!

Just a few pounds you say, so it’s nothing to worry about? Not so fast! Some people may gain 4-5 pounds, but others may gain more like 8-10 pounds or even more. Just depends on how much you are willing to abandon your healthy lifestyle goals and eat to the point where you just put your health on the backburner. I say right now, on this holiday season, that this weight gain madness comes to a screeching halt. Here are some reasons why:

  • If you are like most people you will never lose whatever amount of weight is that you gain this holiday season. Rather, you will keep compounding it year after year. Right now you are still probably batting some pounds you gained from a holiday binge three years ago!
  • Most people tend to rationalize that they will go on a new diet and fitness plan at the first of the year. They figure they will lose whatever weight they are gaining at that time. Nonsense! The majority of people who start New Year’s fitness routines drop out just weeks later, walking away with that extra weight gain still on them.
  • The extra weight you gain during the holidays will put more stress on any health conditions you already have. This includes things like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions. There is a 5 percent increase in the number of heart attacks experienced by people during the holiday season, and more fatal heart attacks on Christmas and the day after Christmas. Your body doesn’t need the added stress of holiday weight gain.
  • People tend to never lose the additional weight, so they create an “identity” and just use it as an excuse. They may chalk it up to getting older, start cutting back on how active they are, and will lose additional health as the years ago by, due to their inactivity.
  • You are a leader and it is important for you to be aware of the message and example you are setting for others in your life. Maintain your health through the holidays and others will often follow suit.

Deep-fried turkey fire balls, flammable Christmas trees, toy hazards, seasonal car accidents, and decorating disasters (think Chevy Chase movies here), provide enough stress and danger in your life at the holidays. No reason to add to that with additional weight gain!

As a personal trainer I work with people from all around the Vancouver, Washington area. When I explain my thoughts on holiday weight gain they say my initials (BS) stand for more than just Brian Stecker. They say they want to enjoy their holiday and don’t want their spirit ruined. They may even call me Brian “Scrooge” Stecker. I know this may be an intense idea, but I am going to provide you with a series of actionable strategies you can use over the next 6 weeks to safely get you through the holidays, help you avoid the holiday weight gain, and keep you healthy and fit.  My advice comes from 10 years of training and includes solutions that will keep you fit, and enjoying the holidays!


Obesity Declared a Disease By American Medical Association






If you knew of a health condition that was making over a third of the country ill and even leading them to early death, would you consider it a disease? Until now it has been debatable with people arguing on both sides. But this week the American Medical Association weighed in on the issue and they have indeed decided that obesity is a disease.

The move to declare obesity as a disease has prompted many people to throw their arms in the air and call foul. But as a personal trainer who works with people in the Vancouver, Washington area I am pleased with the move. It’s one that I feel should have been done a lot sooner. Let’s take a look at why this is.

It is estimated that one third of the country’s adult population is considered obese. Another third is considered overweight. It is a condition that puts people at higher risks for just about every type of problem there is ranging from heart disease to diabetes. In other words, it is a medical nightmare waiting to happen. Obesity is classified as having excessive body fat. If you had a condition that prompted you to have excessive eyelashes, toes, or teeth we would likely call it a disease, so why would we not classify excessive body fat as a disease as well?

By classifying obesity as a disease we will be taking the first step in addressing it as a nation. At this point most people never hear a word about it from their doctor. The doctor typically treats the manifestation of it, which results in the diabetes, heart disease, or other problems, but most people never even hear their doctor recommend to them that they lose weight. By declaring obesity a disease doctors will be more likely to receive better training at how to help advise people on preventing it, as well as on how to guide people toward addressing it.

As a disease people will most likely have an easier time getting the help they need in order to battle the bulge. Whether it is addressing emotional eating patterns through therapy or by getting into a healthy customized workout routine with a personal trainer, they will get the assistance that is needed. Rather than treating the problems that stem from obesity, which are largely symptoms of obesity, the focus will turn more toward prevention.

Being a personal trainer in the Vancouver, Washington area I am a big fan of the prevention aspect. And it really is something we can prevent through healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. We have only just begun with this new declaration but it is a path that is going to be positive for the nation.