How long will it take me to get the body I want? I want this yesterday!

By the time people make contact with me, they have already decided that enough is enough.  They’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a frumpy person looking back at them.  They’re tired of feeling lethargic.  And they are sick of being in a state of unfit!

So it never surprises me when people ask me, “How long is it going to take me to get the body I want?  I want this yesterday!”


We live in a society of instant gratification.  If you want something, you can go and get it.  After all, that’s what the commercials and advertisers tell us daily, right?

Most of the time, that is the case.  The thing is though, when it comes to your goals concerning getting the body you want and getting the fitness you want, it takes time.  Ask yourself this key question, “Did you get to your current state of being a few – or a lot – of pounds overweight overnight?”

“Did you get yourself to your current state of being so unfit overnight?”

The answers will always be NO!

It takes time to put on weight.

It takes time to lose fitness.

It takes time to become unfit.

None of this stuff happens overnight.  And none of it can be fixed overnight.

And that is why you need to really accept this reality.  The reality is that all damage that takes time to create, will take time to reverse.

If you want to reverse a trend of weight gain and lose the weight, it will take time.

If you want to reverse a trend of unfitness and gain fitness, it will take time.

The moment you accept this reality is the moment you can set yourself on a path to reversing it and getting the results you want.

Understand it will take time, and then work with your personal trainer to achieve those goals you want.

If you go down the path of wanting the instant results, the instant gratification – the great results with little effort and in next to no time – you won’t get the results you want.

Accept that it takes time to do damage.  Accept that it takes time to reverse damaging trends.

And you will be well on your way to achieving the body and fitness goals you want!

Talk to your fitness trainer about what your goals are, and ask them for a realistic time frame.  You must be realistic when it comes to what you can achieve and the time it will take.  Don’t set yourself up for crazy expectations that are unrealistic.  You cannot lose 30lbs in one month.  You cannot get the fitness you want in just one week.

It will take you some time.  When you learn this and take it onboard, you will be in the right frame of mind to stick to the plan your fitness trainer sets for you – and achieve your goals in the time needed to achieve them.

So relax and understand this.  Be easy on yourself by being realistic with your goals.  As Pantene said, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”

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All About Squats and Why Baby Boomers Should be Doing Them

Have you done some squats today? Bending down to pick up that chip off the floor doesn’t quite count! Seriously though, you may not realize just how beneficial doing squats can be and why you should be doing them. The more you know about what squats can do for you, the sooner you will want to get them worked in to your exercise routine!

The squat is so beneficial to the body because it ends up using most of the muscles in the body all at once. You get a complete body workout when you engage in a set of squats. You can’t beat the return on time investment with squats. In addition, doing squats can help the baby boomer, and others, avoid having weak glutes and a weak torso, and it can help build strength and increase mobility. What’s not to love?

Squats can be done a number of different ways, with all of them providing great benefits. All squats have one thing in common though; they involve using those muscles that are around the knees and hips, as well as all the joints that are below the belt.

Some things that are important to remember in order to do squats the right way and avoid injury include:

Your knees should always be in line with your feet and hips while you are squatting. Keep in mind that your knees are going to follow in the direction that your feet are going. Because of this, it is important to keep feet straight so that your knees go straight, helping to avoid possible tendon and ligament injuries.

It is best to wear running shoes when you are doing squats. They will give you the support that your ankle needs to properly engage in the squats.

Try to always maintain a neutral spine position during each squat. This means you will want to avoid flexing or extending your back out as you squat.

Always keep good posture while squatting and keep your chest in what is considered a “proud” state. Keep your heels to the ground and do the squat using your hamstrings.

When you first start doing squats, you will want to keep it to a minimum and slowly progress to doing more. If you are not sure how many you should be doing for your current fitness level, ask a personal trainer. When I work with my clients, I assess where they are at and where they want to go and create a safe goal for progression.

Squats can be a great way to improve your fitness level and increase mobility. Working them into you routine, you won’t be disappointed with the results!

Making Healthy Eating Choices at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is a place that I like to go to with the guys to watch the Packers game. A lot of people do! That’s why it’s always so noisy in there. Whether you are letting loose with friends as you watch the game or you just want to have some fun, it’s a great place to do either. But the last thing that I – and most likely you – want is to have that meal out end up sabotaging our fitness and dieting goals. The good news it that you can make healthier food choices, even when you eat at Buffalo Wild Wings!

There are some things you will absolutely want to avoid at Buffalo Wild Wings, because they will not help you meet your fitness goals. These things include a lot of the appetizers, which are often loaded with fat, calories, and salt. For example, the crispy southwest dippers alone have 630 calories, the chicken quesadilla has 800 calories, and the nachos pack a powerful 960 calories. And this is all before you have even had your meal!

Healthier choices can be made at Buffalo Wild Wings, but you need to be proactive in seeking them out. To start with, choose a beverage that is not going to add empty calories to your meal. The best options are water or unsweetened tea. While I am not a fan of recommending diet soda, even that will help you avoid the empty calories found in the sugary beverages. And try to avoid the alcohol, as difficult as that may sound, because it will also add a lot of empty calories to your meal.

Ideal foods to order include the naked tenders, which only have 260 calories, and the boneless wings, as well as the naked tenders wrap without chips, which has 600 calories. The grilled chicken sandwich, without fries, is also a healthier option, with only 470 calories. Another good option is the garden burger, without fries, which has only 250 calories. For sides, skip the fries, which add an additional 300-600 calories, depending on whether you get a regular or basket size.

Salads also make an ideal option, as long as you pay attention to the dressing you choose (which goes for your wings, as well). Avoid the ranch and bleu cheese dressings, which have around 300 calories for a small serving of each. Instead, opt for the honey mustard, honey barbecue, and sweet barbeque sauces.

Oh, and skip the dessert, as well, even though it may be tempting to have it. One slice of the chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream will set you back about 820 calories! That’s more than (hopefully) the entire meal you had picked out.

We live in a world that makes it nearly impossible to avoid eating out all together. And why would you want to do that? After all, eating out, especially with friends, is fun (even if it is noisy), and you get to try different foods that you may not make at home. Dining out doesn’t have to come between you and your fitness goals. You just need to focus on making healthier choices, because they are out there!

Fitness Questions and Answers for Baby Boomers

Being a personal trainer I can say I get my fair share of questions. My clients, and even those who are not my clients, are always posing workout and health related questions to me. So I decided today I would answer several of those questions, just in case there are others out there that may be looking for the same answers.

Q. Brian, I see there are so many exercises you can do for your legs, but what is the best one? Which should I do if I want to build up strength and get a nice shape?

A. If you want the best possible exercise you can do for you legs, work squats into your workout. Squats work nearly every muscle in the body and can really do a lot for you. Start out small, be sure you are doing them correctly by maintaining the proper positioning, and slowly progress in the number you do and the weight that you add. Squats are a safe bet for anyone looking to give their legs a great workout!

Q. Many people today use heart rate monitors, but I just don’t see that I will gain any benefits from one. What can a heart rate monitor do for me and is it worth investing in?

A. Heart rate monitors are especially helpful for baby boomers who are working out. They have been designed to keep you in the know about what your heart rate is, so that  you know if you are working out too hard, need to step it up a bit, or if you are right about where you need to be. The more you train at an ideal heart rate for working out, the better benefit you will get from the workout. Heart rate monitors are a good idea to use. They will give you a quick snapshot look at how your heart is responding to the workout.

Q. I love cappuccino, but I want to be healthy and fit. Do I really have to give up my daily cappuccino in order to be fit?

Let’s face it, we all have something that we love and the thought of giving it up is, well, a bit frightening. I totally get it! While the cappuccino may not be the healthiest beverage choices you can grab, it also isn’t the worst. If you are drinking one cappuccino per day, you don’t have to worry too much about excessive caffeine or calories. One small cappuccino has about 75 calories on average. Having one per day, providing you are keeping the rest of your diet and workout routine in check, you should be completely fine. Have one for me!

If you have questions you would like answered, feel free to contact me. Maybe your question will make the list of the next round of questions. I look forward to hearing from you!