Falling Off the Diet Wagon and Why It’s Good

 One of my clients came into the gym recently and he didn’t have the normal vigor that he usually had. I noticed it right away and asked him what was going on. “I fell off the band wagon,” he replied, assuming that he had done something terrible and possibly created a major setback in his quest for fitness. I explained to him that it is just not the case and falling off the diet wagon once in a while can actually be a good thing!

My client, in falling off the wagon, screwed up on the diet end of things. Keep in mind that he stilled showed up at the gym for his workout, so he didn’t fall off there as well. It was just with the food. He got busy, didn’t have the right foods on hand in the house, and when he went to the pantry, he noshed on what he found handy. He ate chocolate, chips, and candy. The type of things that he would normally try to avoid, but since he had no variety on hand, he got desperate and bored and he ate. He even took in some empty calories with some soft drinks.

The thing is, it was only for one day. Falling off the wagon for one day is not a bad thing. Now if you let one day go into two, into a week, and so on, then that is a whole other story. But one day of eating the unhealthy foods isn’t going to do you in. And, it may just turn out to be a good thing for you to do once in a while. Let me explain…

Many people feel restricted when they try to eat a healthy diet or watch their caloric intake. They may feel like they are turning down and passing up on many of the foods they used to enjoy, like cookies or chips, so their want for those foods continues to grow and so too does their feelings of being restricted. But if one day a week or every couple of weeks you let yourself fall off the wagon and eat those things you would normally turn down, you will be satisfying that craving, both mentally and physically.

If you know that you can still have those foods, only you get to have them once a week or once a month then you will most likely feel better about sticking to a more nutritious diet the rest of the time. You know you will still get to taste that cookie or cake again in the near future. Often times, once you do fall off the wagon and have that day of indulgence, you find that it doesn’t taste nearly as good as you thought it would or that you remember it tasting.

There is also a good chance that by falling off the wagon once in a while, you may end up no longer feeling the need to fall of the wagon. Once you have done it a few times, you will realize that you aren’t really missing that much at all, and you may, in time, skip doing it by choice. So the next time you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, get yourself right back to the gym the next day and get back on the wagon!



Why You Can’t Trust Your Health to the Lowest Bidder – How to Pick a Multi-Vitamin

Millions of baby boomers around the country take a daily vitamin. Multi-vitamins have become popular, and the store shelves are full of all the different varieties available. Being a personal trainer, my clients often ask me about what multi-vitamin they should take or if they should even take any at all. The more you know about multi-vitamins before you choose one, the better off you will be!

A multi-vitamin is taken by so many people just as an added measure to try to make sure that they get all their nutrients. If you eat a well balanced, healthy diet, there is a good chance you don’t even need one to begin with. Yet many people, especially senior citizens, take one just as insurance in case they don’t get all the nutrients they need through their diet. So just how do you go about choosing the right one?

First off, it is important to realize that price has absolutely nothing to do with how good or bad a multi-vitamin is. There have been plenty of tests performed that have demonstrated that many expensive vitamins don’t even dissolve in the body as they should, and many cheap ones don’t perform well either. The cost of the vitamin should not be a factor, other than to make sure you can afford it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a multi-vitamin:

Check the label to see what nutrients are being offered. Of course, this can be confusing in and of itself. But you want to make sure it has folic acid (400 micrograms at least). Folic acid is important for new cells in the body.
You should probably avoid taking multi-vitamins with iron, which can be hard on the stomach and can sometimes cause constipation.

If you don’t live in a sunny climate, you will want to make sure it has vitamin D in it. Those who live in areas where they can get at least 15 minutes of sun exposure per day don’t have to worry about it because the body makes it with sun exposure.

Baby boomers will want to make sure that it has vitamin B-12 as well.
Avoid taking any type of “mega” vitamins because you probably don’t need extra doses of things. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

If you are taking any prescriptions, you should first check with your doctor about your multi-vitamin just to make sure there is nothing in them that can interfere.

Another issue is with the multi-vitamin dissolving. Try dropping it in a glass of water and stirring it around and letting it sit. See how long it takes to dissolve. If it doesn’t, then it won’t in your body either, so it will be wasted.

Researchers have also found that many multi-vitamins don’t actually have the amount of a particular vitamin in it that they claim. While they are usually fine to take to ensure your daily requirements are met, you should rely more upon making sure you eat a well-balanced, healthy diet, so you don’t have to rely upon vitamins for the nutrients.

The Truth of How to Turn 50 or 60 into the New 30 – Part II

In Part I of learning how to make 50 or 60 years old the new 30, I shared with you my experiences in always being taken for much younger than I am. At 33, I am often mistaken for just 21 years old. This is, I believe, because of the lifestyle that I live.

As a personal trainer, I take my health and physical fitness serious and make things like eating well, getting physical activity, and getting enough quality sleep a priority. These things help to slow the aging process, as you have already learned. But there are other things that contribute to the aging process that we will look at next.

There are two other things that play an important role in the body’s aging process. Those are the process of oxidation and glycation. When you understand what each of these are and what you can do to help avoid or slow them down, you can also help to slow down the aging process. Here is what each of these processes are, and what you need to know about them:

Oxidation. The process of oxidation is often dubbed as the “rusting” of the inside of the body, and that is how you should think of it. This happens when free radicals are not kept in check by antioxidants, and they rob the cells of their necessary components. These free radicals, which damage your body’s cells, are created by toxins, stress, smoking, and chemicals in your food. To help avoid oxidation in the body, you should avoid doing things like smoking, find ways to keep stress in check, and pay closer attention to your diet. Focus on eating healthy and eating foods that have a lot of antioxidants, especially fruits and vegetables.

Glycation. This process that helps to age the body is often referred to as the “caramelization” of the body’s cells. Think of it as what makes your piece of bread turn into toast. This is similar to what happens to your cells, and it is caused largely by consuming sugar. Glycation can lead to such aging processes as cataracts, erectile dysfunction, and aging skin. To help avoid glycation in the body, it is important to avoid added sugars.

As you are learning, there are many things that can contribute to the aging process. But the good news is that there are also many things you can do to try to slow the aging process down. As you consider the oxidation and glycation processes in your body’s aging, don’t miss part three as we finish up how baby boomers can slow the aging process and make 50 or 60 the new 30!

The Truth of How to Turn 50 or 60 into the New 30 – Part I

By the time you become a baby boomer, you have probably joined the ranks of the millions of people around the country who are searching for the fountain of youth. And if you find it, you may just be able to turn back the hands of time, or at least keep you looking younger. As a personal trainer, I may not have found the fountain of youth per se, but my lifestyle keeps me looking younger than I am, and it can work for you as well!

At 33 years old, people are always mistaking me for being 21. Whether I’m being carded to buy alcohol or having one of my friends be mistaken for my dad. My lifestyle, which is taking care of myself, keeps my body from aging at a faster rate than if I didn’t make physical fitness a priority. This is the key to making 50 or 60 years old become the new 30!

Each year there are billions of dollars spent on anti-aging tips, tricks and products. Everyone is trying to find the secret. But if you have an understanding of how the aging process works, you will be far ahead of the game and can slow the aging process down yourself, without spending money on fancy products and procedures. In my three-part series, I am going to explain exactly how you can help slow down the aging process, beginning here with understanding what aging is.

Aging is simply the rate at which we all age. What happens when we age is that our cells divide and become damaged. The real kicker here is that the lifestyle we live can either speed up or slow down this process. Some of the things that speed up the aging process include:

Not getting enough sleep.
Having elevated blood sugar or insulin levels.
Having a deficiency of nutrients.
Being a smoker.
Being under stress.

The two most important things that age your body’s cells are inflammation in the body and insulin resistance. Because of this, it is crucial that you focus on fighting chronic inflammation in your body and avoid insulin resistance.

To fight inflammation, you need to eat a healthy diet, which includes avoiding processed foods. It is important that you eat a lot of plant based foods, such as nuts, grapes, apples, broccoli, spinach, and turmeric. To help avoid insulin resistance, you need to focus on being physically active, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep.

In part two, we will look at what else you can do to slow the aging process, including oxidation and glycation. For now, start taking a look at your diet and physical activity level, so you can begin your journey of making 50 or 60 the new 30!

Having a job may keep Baby Boomers ticking

The large number of Baby Boomers entering retirement age this year certainly adds stress to the already-dwindling Medicare benefits and Social Security funds available to our country. On top of that stress is the fact that companies are downsizing and handing out severance packages to employees or are forcing others to retire. Whatever the case may be, if you are a Baby Boomer who still needs to work or who still wants to work, you are not alone. There are many other individuals in the Baby Boomer population who continue working well past retirement age too.

What are the reasons why a Baby Boomer would actually want to keep working past retirement? Some reasons may include truly enjoying their job, such as a die-hard gardener who works in a greenhouse well into her 80s. Another reason may be because the pay is just that good: They may be the CEO of their own family business. Others may continue working because they would otherwise be completely bored at home. And, at any rate, we are simply living longer than what our forerunners did 60 years ago. Regardless of the reason, working past your supposed retirement age may just be what is helping you to stay ticking.

When you face the mental and physical demands of your full or part time job, you are constantly working on your alertness and strength. If you maintain proper nutrition and exercise often, more than likely you will have more energy and will be better suited to continue working in your current job. And, it can also help to improve your chances of landing a new job if you decided to retire from another occupation in the past.

If you’re in better shape, you will most likely live longer and may not need to rely upon all of those Medicare benefits anyway. To help keep the Social Security funds in better check now, the government is currently looking at pushing the eligible retirement age further and further out from age 65. This may or may not be beneficial to all Baby Boomers, but if you start leading a healthy and fit life now, it may serve you well. In fact, you may indirectly help to stretch the fund out for many more years which, in the long run, would benefit everyone in the Baby Boomer population and possibly beyond. Therefore, keep exercising and eating right if you want to continue working for as long as you need to or want to.

The Winning Mindset for Weight Loss












During my career as a personal trainer, there’s something that really stands out to me when it comes to my weight loss clients.  There are two types of people who come to me for help with weight loss:

  1. Those who see weight loss – the diet and exercise habits required for weight loss – as easy and enjoyable; and
  2. Those who see the weight loss process as one that is difficult and painful.

Guess which group gets the results?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.  The way we think and the way we feel determines the actions we take and the outcomes we’re going to get.

When you are positive about the weight loss journey and you believe in the great outcomes that will result in you eating right and exercising, you’ll do it!

On the other hand, if you have a negative view about it all, you will end up hating the weight loss journey altogether and drop the ball before you see any results. You’ll feel overwhelmed.

The key to succeeding when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals is to make a conscious decision to lose weight and feel happy and excited about all of it:

  • The process of losing weight – the healthy diet you will come to love and the regular exercise you’ll feel energized by!
  • The results of reaching your goals – the great way you will look, the great way you will feel!
  • The prospect of a long, healthy and happy future – a future where you will continue to look and feel great – and exude health and wellbeing!

Forget the false promises the dieting industry makes about instant or near instant, overnight results.  The only way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle, so make the decision to change your lifestyle and love it!

Healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean regimenting your life and making it difficult.  There are so many ways you can start eating well and exercising regularly with results – and you can fit these in to suit your likes, your lifestyle and your goals.

See the weight loss journey as a positive one.  Know that your body, your mind and your spirit crave health and wellbeing.  Understand that when you give your body the healthy food it wants and exercise regularly the way your body wants, you will become a person who enjoys success, happiness and fulfillment on every level.

Go meet with your local 24 hour fitness.  Find a trainer that can help you develop a winning midset!!

This site is dedicated to you and your continued success.  Feel free to leave you thoughts and questions so we can get you answers to your burining questions.

Staying safe and keeping your pride while working out!

Blonde Moment

Be afraid, be very afraid!  I say that with the intention to humor you mostly, but also to alert you to a very real and present fact: people are doing themselves – not to mention their pride – injuries in their quest to get fit.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s great to throw yourself (not literally!) into a healthy lifestyle of regular fitness.  But if you haven’t worked out for a long time – maybe several months or years – you’re going to have to heed a few warnings from a personal trainer.

Of which I am one!

Over the course of my personal training career, I’ve seen my fair share of injuries to both body and pride for many a client.  In fact, just recently, I read an article on the internet that revealed to me these very alarming facts:


  • Last year in this country, there were more than 50,000 people treated in the ER for fitness equipment injuries!
  • Treadmills are the most dangerous pieces of fitness equipment!
  • People often injure themselves whilst checking their iPhones or iPods, the equipment computers or watching the TV or others working out!
  • The biggest causes of injury on fitness equipment: lack of attention and not knowing how to use the equipment properly.

In short, these injuries are 100% preventable and personal trainers can help you avoid injury to both body and pride!

Imagine having to face your gym colleagues again after cart wheeling off a treadmill. Don’t laugh – it’s happened more than once!  And unfortunately, injuries like this which involve bone fractures and sprains keep even the most determined health-kicker out of action for weeks!

Even the most accident-prone, clumsy person can master fitness machines with the expert assistance of a personal trainer.  It’s always rewarding for me to introduce somebody completely new to fitness, to equipment that gets results.  Once they are properly taught how to use the equipment, it’s always great to see the individual bask in the satisfaction of real results!

Once you know how to use fitness equipment the right way, you will never forget.  It’s like riding a bike!  You’ll be well on your way to adopting a healthy and active lifestyle, conducive to good health and wellbeing.  Your local gym will have 24 hour fitness trainers on hand ready to show you the ropes, without the risk of injury.  Trial and error definitely can come with pain in this game!

It’s really worth working with a personal trainer from day one, because you avoid silly injuries like the ankle sprains and leg breaks from pushing yourself too hard on a treadmill or falling off a stepping machine.

We don’t just teach people how to use exercise equipment – we also help every individual we work with to start slow in the beginning.  How many times have you decided to really throw your efforts into getting fit?

Perhaps you’ve bitten off more than you can chew with the weights machine and done your shoulder or back?

Maybe you’ve torn muscles by running on a treadmill without adequate warm up?

It’s painful to your body, and definitely to your pride.

Getting fit takes time.  It will take you at least three months to really get your body fit.  There are no overnight fixes.  No magic pills.

A good personal trainer will get you on track to achieving your fitness and health goals from day one.  No more trial and error.  No more falling off the wagon because you’re losing motivation.

If you’re 100% serious about achieving your goals when it comes to fitness, talk to a qualified personal trainer today.  Save yourself an injury to your body and to your pride – and get well on your way to your goals today!

Check out the local 24 hour fitness trainers in your area!  You won’t regret it, and you’ll get fit without all of those silly injuries to body and pride!