The Benefits of TRX and the Baby Boomer

As a baby boomer you may like the convenience of having an exercise system you can take with you. One that will allow you the opportunity to work your muscles, boost your metabolism, and that is easy to use. Well, that’s where the TRX Suspension Trainer comes in handy!

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a good pick for those baby boomers who want a convenient, easy to use, muscle-building piece of equipment that can be taken anywhere. If you are familiar with resistance bands, you will have an idea of what the system is like. You can do some of the same exercises on it as you can resistance bands.

At around $200, the TRX Suspension Trainer comes with a host of benefits, including:

It is lightweight, making it easy to carry around. You can take it with you when you travel, so you always have an effective way to get your workout in. It can easily be stored as well.

Using it is simple. All you need is a closed door to hook it to. The video it comes with shows you different exercises you can do. Once you get used to them, you can take it anywhere and do them on your own.

This system is also good for helping to improve balance and flexibility. Many baby boomers struggle with balance issues, so doing exercises that help to improve it is recommended.

The TRX Suspension Trainer will give you a good, and effective, workout. It will work all the muscles in your body, helping to build muscle, as well as boost your metabolism. It provides a total body workout, yet it’s a small portable system.

It can be used for any fitness level. So although some avid athletes may use it in a class at the gym, it is also a solid pick for baby boomer’s looking for an effective exercise system at home or for traveling.

If you are like most baby boomers, you could benefit from a convenient exercise system that can easily be stored, as well as used for traveling. Some gyms also offer it as group exercise classes, where you can get the chance to try it before you buy it. The TRX provides this and more, making it worth considering. It will give you the chance to do hundreds of different exercises, working everything from your abs and glutes to your hips and thighs.


Chris Elias: I am an Active Boomer

Famous author Mark Twain once said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” When it comes to being a baby boomer and being physically active and fit, Twain couldn’t have put it a better way! Age really is just what you make of it. Reaching a particular number in years does not mean it is time to slow down, unless that’s what you have made up your mind to do!

Take Chris Elias, a baby boomer client of mine. Chris is one baby boomer who has not let age slow her down, even following knee surgery, or get in her way at all. She embraces where she is in her life and makes being physically fit a priority.

Here are some of the tools that have helped Chris to stay fit:

Start slow. Chris, like many other baby boomers who want to get active and start working out, was afraid she would get hurt, especially because she had undergone back surgery. This is why starting slowly is always a good idea. It will help you reduce the risks of injury and will help you progress in a healthy way.

Get a trainer. Chris sought out a trainer so that I could help her evaluate where she was at with his fitness level, where she wanted to go, and develop a plan that would help her safely get there. A good trainer will make sure you progress safely, yet still challenge yourself.

Track food. There is a lot of research that proves that there are benefits to keeping a food log. Get an inexpensive notepad, or create a file on your computer, and keep track of what you eat, when you eat it, and any emotional state you may be in at the time. For example, realizing you reach for chocolate when you feel stress will help you identify your trigger foods, and then you can seek out healthier alternatives.

Read stories. Seek out stories about other healthy baby boomers. Chris made a point of wanting to read about the stories filled with a positive, healthy outlook. It will inspire and motivate you.

Surprise yourself. Chris never thought she could do push-ups. Now she does push-ups routinely and even outdoes some family members. Today she can even run. When you challenge yourself, you never know what you may find you are capable of doing.

Stay focused. Keep in mind all the benefits of how being fit makes life better. You will feel better, have more energy, and be able to enjoy activities more.

Treat yourself. Don’t give up everything you love. Keep it in check. Chris loves a glass of wine and chocolate, and she makes having it a treat.

Get a tune-up. Getting a massage is a great way to reduce stress and increase mobility.

Find support. Find an environment of other baby boomers who are also seeking fitness. Surround yourself with such a positive environment, such as BoomerFitness, positive people, support, gym etc.

Not only did Chris surprise herself as a boomer on the road to fitness, but she exceeded