Mental Fortitude: The Other Side of Personal Fitness.

DSC_0938Well, it’s coming up to the end of January, the first real road bump of our scheduled resolutions. January 1st, we got to the gym determined to hit the ground running, cycling, lifting, and kettlebelling. We throw out the cookies and bring in the kale, swear off the beer and grab some protein mixture. 2015 is going to be great!

But by week three or four, you get home from work and you’re dead tired. You’ve been on your feet for eight hours, and the last thing you want to do right now is more work. Besides, you’ve been good all week! Right now, a drink would really hit the spot…

Stop! Put the drink down. You’re right, you have been good all week. Now let’s make it another good week.

It’s important to remember that Fitness isn’t just a physical exercise; it’s just as much a mental one! You can go to the gym every single week, but unless you’ve got the Mental Fortitude to keep yourself on track with your fitness goals, you’re just wasting gas.

Mental Fortitude is a common barrier when we’re entering the fitness barrier. We set a goal of looking like Mr. Universe, and expect ourselves to reach that goal by this coming Thursday, 9AM. But come Thursday, we don’t seem to have changed at all. It can get disheartening.

Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, lets take a step back and take a realistic look at your 2015 resolutions, and the Mental Fortitude that is required:

Set Realistic, Timely Goals. I have some unfortunate news: You’re not going to look like Schwarzenegger this month. Probably not next month, either. And you know what? That’s ok! Instead of holding yourself to these far-flung goals, get yourself up to smaller, more reasonable goals that are attainable. Maybe try jogging a half mile this month. When you hit that goal, lets get to a full mile the month after that. Keep up that pace, and you’re running a 5k in 6 months.

Be Reasonably Diligent. Been hitting the gym hard this week? Lets take it easy and keep it to cardio tonight. Working at 100% capacity every single day can start to wear out your body and mentally burn you out. Push yourself to reach your goals, but make sure you also pace yourself.

Pat Yourself on the Back. Did you spend an extra 20 minutes on the bicycle today? High Five! No matter how fast you were going on that bike, you still lapped the version of you who decided to stop 20 minutes ago. Recognize that what you’re doing is making a difference, no matter how small the increments might be.

Mix it Up. Doing the same three workouts over and over again will really work those 3 sets of muscles. But what about the other 650 muscles in your body? Keep it interesting and mix up your workout routine to get the whole body into it. Besides, doing new things keeps the gym interesting, not monotonous.

Get Some Support. Lets face it, working out alone gets lonely. Getting some outside support not only helps pass the time, but helps you push yourself farther than you might on your own. A supportive network is just as important, if not more so, than the most high-tech workout equipment in the world.

Is it going to take some time? Yes. Is it going to be difficult? Of course. And is it going to be worth the hard work when you hit those goals? Yes.

Want to take another step in the right direction? Talk to us about signing up with a personal trainer.  Not only are we a friendly support network you need, we’ve got the knowledge and foresight to help you reach the physical goals while keeping up the Mental Fortitude. Give me a call, and we’ll set you up with a tour of the gym!