The Relationship Between the Gym and Your Health

Progress in Action - Road Barricade Improvement and Change for FLast week I wrote about the dangers of not working out. It might have sounded a little harsh, but I meant every word. Too few people know the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, especially when paired with the unhealthy foods so many of us find on grocery shelves.

With an unhealthy lifestyle comes heart disease, plaque in the arteries, a proneness to diabetes… the list can go on and on. It’s scary to think about what can happen if we choose to do nothing. But like I wrote last Tuesday, I would much rather you hear the truth than hiding behind a set of lies.

Sometimes, we all need a kick in the pants to get started on our long journey. But on the other hand, we always hear about the doom and gloom surrounding an unhealthy lifestyle. What about the positive effects of a mobile lifestyle? And not just the long term effects, either.

Believe it or not, your body starts changing the exact moment you start working out at the gym. Big results take a long time, but that doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing nothing when you start doing lunges for the first time. Take a look at what’s happening to your body when you first start working out:

Metabolism Boost – Minutes after you start working your body, your metabolism is going to get a huge boost in energy. As your body starts to recognize that it’s using more energy than normal, it’s going to start producing neurochemicals responsible for metabolism to compensate for this new motion. This boost can last anywhere between a few hours and a few days. To get the best results, you will have to continue exercise so your body continues to boost.

Improvement in Mood -After a workout, you might notice that you’re having a better day now compared to when you walked in. It’s not just in your head; those same neurochemicals I talked about boosting your metabolism are also responsible for boosting your mood. Working out at the gym will produce these neurochemicals, and you will feel more relaxed, more confident, and have more energy to hit the day.

Regulate Blood Sugar – Blood sugar, or glucose, is used as an energy source throughout our body, but we can’t have too much of it floating around in us. Your body produces insulin to control the amount of glucose found in our blood stream, but having too much glucose can lead to Type II diabetes. So how do we balance it? Exercising goes a long way to combating excessive blood sugar, burning it as you move more. As your body burns more energy, it will compensate less.

Lowering Blood Pressure – You might be thinking “how does making my heart work more cause blood pressure to drop?” As we get older, our blood vessels start to get stiff, causing more pressure throughout our system. While it’s true that your heart might be beating more frequently during your time in the gym, you’re also flexing and moving your blood vessels, which loosens them up and allows blood to move freely. You might not notice a difference in how you feel, but your blood pressure monitor sure will.

These improvements don’t take months to acquire. Your body is designed to move, and doing so means it will react positively! The first day at the gym is always tough, but just showing up and doing something is better than sitting in front of the TV. I like to think that no matter how slow you’re moving, you’re still lapping the version of yourself on the couch!

But don’t think you can get away with minimal time at the gym. While small improvements are a good stepping stone, ramping up your effort at the gym is an important aspect of winning back your health. As we like to say at Boomer Fitness, you only have your health once!

Email me when you’re ready to start getting your body in motion! We will start getting you on track to a healthier tomorrow.

Sexual Patterns and Aging

Intertwined gender symbols

Sex is a wonderful activity that provides amazing benefits to both your mind and body! It has the powerful ability to release tension, stress and anxiety. It also boosts circulation and helps to improves physical and psychological well being!

With aging, a vast array of changes can take place throughout the entire body. The way that we function is altered and one of these functions is our sexual behavior. Many people may come across difficulties in this area through the progression of aging but there are many things that can be done in order to maintain a healthy and enjoyable sex life!

What Changes Occur?

Changes in Men:

Inconsistency in Erections

Difficulty Reaching Ejaculation

Increased stimulation required

Problems experiencing orgasms

Changes in Women:

Difficulty becoming aroused

Lack of lubrication

Sex may be painful or uncomfortable

Increased stimulation required

Reduced orgasms

What is the cause of these changes?

A combination of factors can contribute to changes in sexual behavior. The desire to participate in sexual activity can be diminished due to changes in hormones and increased pain that is commonly accompanies aging. Medications and physical restrictions can also have a dramatic impact on sexual desire and performance.

What can we do?

Sex is not just for the young but is fantastic for the young at heart! With the changes of aging, the act of sex can sometimes be more daunting or challenging. However, don’t give up and be sure to persevere because with so many benefits, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Steps to improve your sexual enjoyment today!


Be open and honest with your partner. Don’t take it so seriously all the time and take the time to be playful and enjoy the experience. Consider initiating sexual activity in the morning, when energy levels are usually higher. Most importantly, explore and experiment to find what works best for you and your partner!

Love Yourself!

Release any feelings of inadequacy or low self esteem. Embrace your body and appreciate everything that it is capable of. Be positive and confidant!


Sex doesn’t just include intercourse. It encompasses strong emotional connections that are highly rewarding. A romantic outing, physical contact and kissing are perfect ways to increase intimacy.

Get moving and get physical

By maintaining good levels of physical fitness, you won’t just improve your physical health and wellbeing – you will also improve your sexual activity.  You will feel much more energetic and vibrant – and that is always going to be conducive to good sexual health as well.

Additional Help

Sexual changes are a natural progression of aging. Instead of fighting these changes, discover the many ways around them to allow you to embrace you and partner’s bodies. If you are concerned or would like to know more about your sexual enjoyment, schedule an appointment with your local doctor. You will be amazed with the knowledge and assistance that is available!