Shania Woods: From outsider to success story


Before Shania Woods joined the Boomer Fitness New Year Revolution, her life seemed difficult. She was at a point in her life where she wanted to do something to better her health and fitness, but she didn’t know what exercises she should be doing to get her body into better shape. She also found that the motivation she needed was sorely lacking at other gyms, usually leaving her to feel like an outsider in the fitness world.

Coming into the Boomer Fitness New Year Revolution Plan, Shania was frustrated with her legs and stomach the most. Those were the areas she was the most self-conscious about and wanted to target to change. She felt like she couldn’t wear the clothes she wanted to wear, because she was afraid that others would judge the way she looked harshly.

Making matters worse, Shania also felt hopeless, because she couldn’t seem to lose the weight she wanted to lose. She was exercising on her own, but just wasn’t seeing the results and was feeling as though she’d never be able to improve her fitness level. Her goals were something she shared with most people, which were to be happy and healthy. She just wanted to feel good waking up each morning.

Getting started with the boot camp, her biggest challenge was time, which is a common issue that people cite. She works full time and goes to school full time as well. By the end of the day she was exhausted and thinking about working out was the last thing on her list. It was always the easiest thing to put off and was a low priority in the weekly line-up of priorities.

It’s taken almost a year, but Shania is proud to let people know she has lost nearly 100 pounds. The results have been amazing, and even better is that she is no longer in danger of becoming a Type 2 diabetic, and she’s no longer considered to be obese. Her commitment to the boot camp program has paid off, taking her from 265-270 pounds down to 176 pounds, and she still has plans of reaching her next goal, of losing another four percent in body fat.

“I encourage everyone I know to try Boomer out,” she says. “Once they see how I’ve transformed over the last year they want to be able to transform their own body as well. It isn’t just a gym you are joining, you are joining a family that’ll push you to your limits and support you 100 percent of the way.”

Shania is a wonderful example of what making the commitment to yourself and the program can do in your life! She’s one of many people in the Vancouver, Washington area who have made their health and wellness a priority and are meeting their goals with the Boomer Fitness boot camps.

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