Rosa and Her Many Changes

Before Rosa decided to join Boomer Fitness, she was in the worst shape of her life. She had let herself go,was eating the wrong foods, and was drinking 3-4 glasses of wine each night.

If she continued on that path, she believed she would have gotten sick with a disease that would have taken her in a downward spiral. Her clothes were always tight, she wore big blouses to cover up, and even though she smiled on the outside, she was miserable about the shape she had gotten herself into.


“I wanted to lose my belly fat and tone all over my body,” Rosa explains. “I struggled with the 14-day challenge and because of stress. I didn’t come when I should have. I was so out of shape that I couldn’t keep up.”

What she found at Boomer Fitness was patience and encouragement to keep going. She found that the personal trainers and supportive group setting kept her motivated. She liked the bootcamp style and all-over body workout that was intense with bursts of cardio.

“The trainers are great and I love when we high-five and they yell across the room to keep going and good job,” she says. “I love that it feels like family, not a meat market setting, but very focused on motivated people.”

After she completed the challenge she stepped on the scale only to see that she had gained four pounds, instead of seeing a loss. She took into account the muscle mass she had gained and the clothing she was wearing, and wouldn’t let herself become discouraged. At that point she made the next major change in her life, which was getting help to stop the drinking. She also went on a healthy eating plan and began to focus more on her workouts.

“The combination was really life changing,” she adds. “I lost most of my belly fat and strengthened my core. My arms and legs are strong and toned. I have more energy to accomplish long stressful days and love to come to Boomer with motivation and excitement.”

She went on to lose 15 pounds and is clean and sober. She is looking forward to taking what she has learned to help her be lean, fit, and healthy for the rest of her life.

“I have a heart for Boomer Fitness and the trainers that helped me with my transformation and journey,” says Rosa. “I thank you so much. I have never felt better in my life. I am fit, healthy in mind and spirit, and want to continue to exercise.”

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