Over 45 and have a slowing metabolism? It’s not all your fault!


If you are like most middle-aged people, you went through your 20s pretty much being able to eat whatever you wanted. The calories were burning up, you were feeling and looking great, and you didn’t think twice about that little thing called your metabolism. But once you left your 20s, things began to change, and not for the better.

Your metabolism begins to slow down as you get older, especially once you have hit the your 40s. At 45, your metabolism has been playing dirty tricks on you for a while now, and you are likely seeing the results of it. You know, the weight that creeps up out of nowhere. Even when you are exercising you are not seeing the scale move, or it may be moving in the direction that you don’t want it to.

There are many things that slow our metabolism down, including just the aging process. As you get older, your metabolism naturally slows down a bit. This is how you can maintain an exercise routine and watch your diet and yet you start losing some muscle and gaining some fat. It happens, but there are things you can do to try and combat this process and to stay ahead of it.

When your metabolism slows down naturally due to aging, that is not your fault. It’s also not your fault that you didn’t realize there are things you may be doing that are adding to that. After all, most people are not taught about what it takes to keep the metabolism revving, especially after they turn 45. As you start to age, you will end up losing muscle every year, and it may be replaced by fat, depending on the lifestyle that you live. You can’t stop the aging process, but you can do a lot to help make it better.

Some of the things you may be doing to slow your metabolism down and not even realize it include not exercising regularly and skipping meals. If you are someone who is skipping breakfast and not sticking to an exercise plan, then there’s a good chance that it’s slowing your metabolism down. It’s important to do things that will help to keep your metabolism burning strong, despite the years going by.

While it’s not your fault that your metabolism may slow down, it is within your power to help combat it. You can do this by sticking to an exercise routine, having a weight training plan (so the muscle burns more calories), and by eating a healthy diet and not skipping meals.

As a fitness expert and personal trainer in the Pacific Northwest, I have helped many people over the age of 45 with their fitness routines and goals. I have seen the difference that it makes in their life, and I can help you do the same. You don’t have to be a victim of your metabolism. Not anymore!