My Trip to the Rolfer/Structural integration specialist and What It Can Do For You

Have you heard of rolfing, or structural integration, before? Many people haven’t, but the more you learn about it, the more you will love it. I recently made a trip to see the rolfer and left feeling great! I couldn’t wait to share that experience with you and recommend you make an appointment with a rolfer to see what they can do for you!

Structural integration is a process whereby a rolfer, someone certified to provide the rolfing, will work on your connective tissue in order to help bring about benefits in a variety of ways. They will release tension, realign your balance and body, and help to create an overall great feeling. This is especially helpful for baby boomers who may be interested in improving their mobility or becoming more balanced.

Through structural integration, you can address a wide variety of issues, such as reducing pain, helping to recover from injuries, relieve stress, restore flexibility, and even get rid of headaches. The benefits of what it can do for your health are far reaching.

The process of structural integration is recognized in 27 countries around the world. Increasingly people are starting to learn about it, give it a try as a natural form of therapy, and gain benefits from doing it. From chronic stress and pain to improving balance, the benefits of structural integration are impressive!

So just what happens when you visit the rolfer? Think of it as a combination of massage and yoga, only you are the center of attention, and it is being done to you, rather than you being the one that is doing it. You will relax and let the experienced rolfer work their magic to help you address problem areas on your body.

Structural integration can also give you more energy. When you think about it, a massage therapist works with muscles, while a chiropractor works with the bones, in that same context, a rolfer is someone who works with the connective tissue. It’s a good idea to plan on seeing the rolfer more than once because each time you meet with them, they will push the limits further, helping to go deeper and reach more connective tissue.

Do yourself a favor and see a rolfer. You will most likely end up liking it, feeling great, and you may address some of those issues that have been bothering you. If you are not sure where to find a rolfer in the Portland Or area, search this “” online rolfing database to find one in your area.  Here is were I go Rolfing is a great way to help the baby boomer get a tune-up. Happy rolfing!