Letty Sees Results


Before joining Boomer Fitness, Letty did work out some. She would do a little here and there with weights, she’d take some short walks on some days, and she’d even jump on the treadmill from time to time. Trying to lose weight, she did Zumba for six months and took on a low-carb diet. Despite all of these efforts, she didn’t see any results and never lost any weight. She also never connected with anyone she met along the way. But all of that changed when she joined Boomer Fitness!

“At first I was scared, I didn’t know what I was getting into,” she says. “The real question was can I really do this? I have met some pretty amazing women. They are all so encouraging and such an inspiration. They keep me coming to Boomer!”

While working out at Boomer Fitness, Letty met Lavonne, who became her workout buddy. They text each other to make sure they will be at class, and they encourage each other. Together, they have created a wonderful accountability system that has helped both of them stay motivated and inspired. Having arthritis, Letty also worried she wouldn’t be able to do some exercises. Yet she found that Brian helped her to modify them so she could gain the benefits without worsening her condition.

Letty wanted to lose 10 pounds when she joined the club, but she actually went on to lose 20 pounds, bringing her down two dress sizes. She is now fitting into work suits that she had retired eight years ago. She was also tired of wearing loose clothes and long sleeve shirts, because she wanted to tone her tummy and arms. She did that and more.

“I’m really surprised with my results,” added Letty. “It’s such a great feeling. I finally feel like myself again, for the first time in eight years. Don’t wait, get started now. It’s so worth it! Take care of your health. You and your loved ones deserve it.”

Now Letty reminds people that they need to make the commitment and that the achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it! These days, when she’s headed to church or watching her favorite movie (Urban Cowboy), she feels healthier, stronger, and more confident as she does it.

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