Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum Product Review

If you have ever watched NBC’s The Biggest Loser, you will know what a tough, no-nonsense trainer Jillian Michaels really is. She means business! She has a knack to break walls that contestants have built around themselves for years. In many episodes, fellow Baby Boomers have been part of the ranch and have exercised right alongside their much younger counterparts. Whether you have a similar story to these contestants or not, imagine having Michaels as your personal trainer. It may have seemed like an impossible dream up until a few years ago when Nintendo released the Wii gaming console.

A unique exercise “game,” the Jillian Michaels “Fitness Ultimatum” targets your entire body with heart-pumping cardiovascular activities that integrate your Wii controllers and balance board. Because the video features Michaels, you know that it’s going to be thorough with some challenging moves; however, it can definitely work in a senior health fitness plan. It works because you can choose to sit out on certain segments if you need to until you build up to a more advanced level. She won’t jump through your television screen to yell at you though, so you don’t have to be quite as intimidated as you may be if you were actually on the ranch.

This video combines cardio and strength training exercises that can condition Baby Boomers through moves like lunges, push-ups, kicks, jumping jacks and bicycling. To help you reach various fitness goals, you can customize workouts for up to six months. Also, Michaels’ voiceover occasionally exclaims words of encouragement to keep you motivated throughout your exercise session.

If you are new to Wii, talk with family, friends or even the gaming store associates for some basic lessons in using the hand-held remote controllers. It may take a few practice sessions until you fully master swinging and chopping with your controller. As you become more familiar with it, you will begin to get more out of each workout session that you complete. Ask some family members to play the game with you, so long as there is ample space in the room to avoid accidentally hitting each other with the remotes.

In the promotional video for this game, Michaels says, “Nothing in life worth having comes for free. You’ve got to work for it.” By working out to “Fitness Ultimatum” in your house, you can confidently say that you are certainly working for your Baby Boomer fitness.

After playing the game….errrr having Jillian working me out. I felt that I was comfortably pushed outside my comfort zone and enjoyed this product. I give Fitness Ultimatum an A for a nice change of pace and variety.

Make sure to consult with your physician prior to starting any new fitness program to make sure that it is right for you.

3 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum Product Review

  1. Shawn

    This sounds like a good option with snow or icy roads or just being stuck at home. I’m curious as to how weight training is incorporated into it.

  2. admin Post author

    Absolutely Shawn!!
    I have been getting a lot of question in my email box lately about some great cardio/weight workouts to do indoors.
    This program does a great job of using your body weight to get the weight training incorporated and proves to be a great option when stuck at home.

  3. admin Post author


    It is incorporated by using your body weight and a small set of dumbbells.

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