Hormones and Aging

Hormones are vital and powerful chemicals, within each and every one of us! They act as messengers throughout the body and affect every function and action we perform! Our hormones have a direct impact on our moods, thoughts, blood sugar, blood pressure and temperature, just to name a few!

As the years pass, the hormone levels are processed at a slower rate and levels can be altered. Some levels may decrease and others may increase. This unsurprisingly can create a great array of disruptions around the body. The most renowned hormones that decline are estrogen, testosterone and DHEA. Hormone imbalance is a very common experience during aging, but don’t worry because there are very effective ways around this!

First let us talk about Estrogen, DHEA and Testosterone.


Estrogen plays a large part in maintaining healthy bones. The risk of bone loss and osteoporosis increases with the decline of Estrogen levels.


This hormone is responsible for maintaining bone mass, muscle strength and libido. Sexual activity and general well-being can also decrease with the loss of testosterone.


This amazing hormone is a product of the adrenal glands and is commonly referred to as the fountain of youth hormone! It assists in a positive and youthful function throughout the entire body. Following the reduction of the hormone, a person can usually experience poor immunity, memory loss, low energy and libido. DHEA can also impact stress levels and bone density. Lower levels of this hormone become apparent when we pass our 20’s.

Other Effects and Risks:

The significant decrease in hormones, that usually accompanies aging, can dramatically increase the risk of:

Low Libido
Heart Disease
Mood Swings

What can be done?

The imbalance or reduction of hormones, during the aging process, can create chaos but it’s good to know that relief is only an appointment away!

Check Ups – Schedule regular check up with your doctor to monitor your hormone levels and ensure that you feel in tip top health. Blood is usually drawn and blood glucose levels can be checked at the same time, to check for any signs of diabetes.

Supplements – Hormone therapy and supplements are becoming increasingly popular for their positive effects in dealing with many hormone-related problems that follow aging!

Contact your local doctor to discuss any further concerns or questions you may have about hormones and aging!