Home Gyms on a Tight Budget

So you want a home gym but don’t think you can afford one? You can put together a home gym with items from around your home, costing you zilch. Have a bit of a higher budget, you can have a supreme home gym for $1000. Whatever your budget is you can start it today o and add to it on a monthly basis until you have the gym that you’ve always dreamed about.

Let’s start high and go low.

A Budget of $1000

− Buy a treadmill. The treadmill is great for cardiovascular exercise and can also be used for leg strength training. A treadmill can also easily be adjusted to harder levels as your fitness level increases.
− Add a full dumbbell set with weights ranging from 5 pounds to 50 plus pounds. Dumbbells are perfect for toning and building muscles
− Get a resistance band. A resistance band is another option for strength training. .
− Finally, purchases a step bench. The step bench can be used for both cardio and strength training.

A Budget of $100
If you have a starting budget of $100 then the following can be bought to start your home gym:
–a dumbbell set
–a fitness ball
— a resistance band
— a jump rope
A Budget Under $100
–Three dumbbells sizes – 5lb, 10lb and 15ln
–Resistance Band
–Jump Rope

A Budget of $35
Fitness Ball. A fitness ball can be a total body workout. Using the ball you get upper body workout, a lower body workout and much needed abdominal workout.
If you can’t afford anything else to start your home gym, the fitness ball should be on your list.

A Budget of ZERO
There are many items around your house that you can use for your hoe gym that cost no out of pocket money at all
− Use milk jugs filled with water for weights.
− Stairs for leg toning and strength building.
− Chairs for stretching
− Towels for resistance bands.

Regardless of what you can afford, you can enjoy the benefits of a home gym. Be healthy and fit on a budget!

2 thoughts on “Home Gyms on a Tight Budget

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  2. Jodi Nichols

    My husband and I have a treadmill and some weights and it works!

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