Grocery Shopping for Fitness

As a personal trainer, I see people quite often put a lot of time and effort into their workout routine. Whether they are doing cardio exercises or strength training, they put a lot of focus on just that. Then, once they finish their workout, they go home and grab anything to eat for their lunch. That’s not such a good idea. If you are going to take the time to focus on fitness, take the time to eat right to go along with it!

Whether you are a baby boomer that is just getting started in your quest for fitness, or you have been at it for years, you need to keep what you put in your shopping cart in the forefront of your mind. What you buy and stock your kitchen with can make a big difference in obtaining and maintaining your fitness goals.

When it comes to the best way to lose weight or what the best weight loss foods are, it all comes down to what you put in the shopping cart. If you don’t bring unhealthy food into the house, it won’t be there when you are reaching for a snack. And you don’t have to meet with a nutritionist in order to determine which foods are going to be the best weight loss foods.

Here are some tips when it comes to grocery shopping for fitness:
Shop the perimeter of the store. This way you get more natural foods, rather than a lot of pre-packaged items. Be sure to load up in the produce department. Or better yet, find out when and where your local farmer’s market is and hit that up.
For breakfast, aim for high fiber cereals or steel cut oats.
Be sure to get plenty of lean protein, fiber, fruits, and vegetables. When you shop for things like your pasta or bread, make sure it is whole wheat. You really need to have that fiber in your diet.
Make sure that the fats you are using are friendly ones, which means to eliminate or limit the amount of saturated fat in your diet.
Pay attention to what you are drinking. You don’t want to load up on alcohol or sugary beverages. Opt for water, green tea, or in limited amounts, pure fruit juice.
For your snacks each day, go for things like hummus and veggies, low fat yogurt, peanut butter on celery, or fresh fruits.

Eating healthy is a huge part of losing weight, as well as maintaining your fitness goals. This is true with older adults, but it is also true at any age. So pay attention to what you put in your grocery cart, so each week you help your fitness goals, rather than hinder them!

2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping for Fitness

  1. Christine Elias

    HaHahahaaa ! Funny…just went shopping yesterday… I was so good picking
    up white fish, dark fruits, fibrous vegetables…then I just couldn’t leave
    until I put some flavored coffeemate and dark (85%) chocolate in my cart !
    Caught me !
    Anyone else??

  2. admin Post author

    Nice Work on all the nutrient rich foods. I hope those food adds were for your free day.

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