Exercise for People Over 60: Start here, upper body warm-up


Good for you for wanting to exercise! It’s one of the best possible things you can do for your body. It will help keep you healthy, in shape, and make you feel good. But one thing many people don’t realize is that it is important to warm up their muscles before they start into their workout.

If you are going to exercise you should always do a warm-up first. In this video here I am show you how to do some upper body warm-up exercises. This can be used with before going into any type of upper body workout. These warm-ups are easy to do, don’t take much time at all, and will help you reap the benefits of doing a warm-up before doing your exercising.

Why should you do a warm-up before engaging in exercise? It’s simple: it helps to prepare your muscles for the work out that you are about to do. Most experts agree that a warm up will help you to:

  • Help reduce injury. The last thing you want from working out is to injury a muscle. That can leave you in pain and leave you out of commission from exercising for a while until it heals. Warming up the muscles helps to increase the blood flow to the area, and prepare them for working out. This will help to reduce injury and make your workout more enjoyable.
  • Help improve performance. If you want to have a better workout and get more out of it, you should go into it prepared by having your muscles warmed up and ready. Otherwise, the first part of your workout will be used to warm up your muscles, and your performance will suffer as a result. Ever attend a race, such as a 5K or marathon? There is a reason all those runners don’t just tear off down the course, running from the start. They stand on the sidelines, warming up their body, so that their muscles are ready to go. Then when the gun goes off, they are ready to run with muscles that are able to help give them a great performance.

Warming up your muscles is a great way to help reduce injury, as well as to help improve your overall performance during your workout. It only takes a couple of minutes to do it, and it can provide benefits that will keep you feeling and performing well.

In addition to doing a warm-up, it’s also a good idea to do a stretch afterward. The warm-up before the workout and the stretching afterward are simple ways that to help your body that should be a part of every workout routine. You may be over 60, but you want to keep working out for a couple of more decades, and this will help you do just that!