Exercise for People Over 60: Lower Body Warm Up


Are you taking the time to do a warm up before you start your exercise? Everyone, and especially those over the age of 60, should always engage in a warm-up before getting into your exercise routine. This will help you to have a better overall performance, and it will help to reduce the risks of injury.

For years, I have worked with people middle aged and up all throughout the Pacific Northwest, to help them achieve their fitness goals. As a personal trainer, I know how important a warm-up is before beginning exercise, and I try to share that information with everyone I work with.

In this video here, I’m demonstrating some lower body warm-ups for various parts of the hips, knees, and back:

Leg swings –

Hip raises –

Single leg RDL –

Psoas Stretch –

Fire hydrant –

Quad stretch –

Knee to chest –

Hips to sky –

90/90 stretch –

Be sure to engage in a warm-up anytime you are getting ready to start your exercise program. That will help you to have the best performance and to help reduce the risks of getting injuries. Warm-ups get the blood flowing to the muscle, so you can enjoy what you are doing during the workout even more!