Exercise for Older Women – You CAN Do It!


Having a routine exercise program is critical to having good health and wellness. Your body was meant to move, so it’s important that you keep it moving. If you live a lifestyle that is sedentary, then you will find the weight will creep on and your health will decline.

If you are someone who has faltered with keeping an exercise routine, or you haven’t ever started one and you know it’s time to, you are in luck. There’s never been a better time to get started than the present moment.

Here are some tips for getting started with an exercise program:

Women over the age of 50 should be getting 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. This includes brisk walking, bike riding, or other aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping.

You also need to do strength training at least twice per week. This will help you to maintain strong bones and muscle mass, as well as to protect your balance.

You may find that you will be better at sticking to a routine if you have an exercise buddy or do it in a group setting. Many people find that they like the accountability this offers and the community of being a part of a group who all share a common goal.

Just get started with something. You can always change your routine later, but having a routine in place is important, so it’s time to get started. Put your exercise time on your daily calendar, because it’s that important and nothing should come first.

Working with many women in the Vancouver, Washington area, I have helped them get healthy, get fit, and develop a lasting exercise routine. Even the most skeptical ones who come into Boomer Fitness find that they end up loving it, as well as feeling great! They have done it, and you can do it, too!