“I have more energy to accomplish long stressful days and love to come to Boomer with motivation and excitement.”

“I wanted to lose my belly fat and tone all over my body,” Rosa explains. “I struggled with the 14-day challenge and because of stress. I didn’t come when I should have. I was so out of shape that I couldn’t keep up.”

What she found at Boomer Fitness was patience and encouragement to keep going. She found that the personal trainers and supportive group setting kept her motivated. She liked the bootcamp style and all-over body workout that was intense with bursts of cardio.

“The trainers are great and I love when we high-five and they yell across the room to keep going and good job,” she says. “I love that it feels like family, not a meat market setting, but very focused on motivated people.”

After she completed the challenge she stepped on the scale only to see that she had gained four pounds, instead of seeing a loss. She took into account the muscle mass she had gained and the clothing she was wearing, and wouldn’t let herself become discouraged. At that point she made the next major change in her life, which was getting help to stop the drinking. She also went on a healthy eating plan and began to focus more on her workouts.

“The combination was really life changing,” she adds. “I lost most of my belly fat and strengthened my core. My arms and legs are strong and toned. I have more energy to accomplish long stressful days and love to come to Boomer with motivation and excitement.”

She went on to lose 15 pounds and is clean and sober. She is looking forward to taking what she has learned to help her be lean, fit, and healthy for the rest of her life.

“I have a heart for Boomer Fitness and the trainers that helped me with my transformation and journey,” says Rosa. “I thank you so much. I have never felt better in my life. I am fit, healthy in mind and spirit, and want to continue to exercise.”

“I’m really surprised with my results”

While working out at Boomer Fitness, Letty met Lavonne, who became her workout buddy. They text each other to make sure they will be at class, and they encourage each other. Together, they have created a wonderful accountability system that has helped both of them stay motivated and inspired. Having arthritis, Letty also worried she wouldn’t be able to do some exercises. Yet she found that Brian helped her to modify them so she could gain the benefits without worsening her condition.

Letty wanted to lose 10 pounds when she joined the club, but she actually went on to lose 20 pounds, bringing her down two dress sizes. She is now fitting into work suits that she had retired eight years ago. She was also tired of wearing loose clothes and long sleeve shirts, because she wanted to tone her tummy and arms. She did that and more.

“I’m really surprised with my results,” added Letty. “It’s such a great feeling. I finally feel like myself again, for the first time in eight years. Don’t wait, get started now. It’s so worth it! Take care of your health. You and your loved ones deserve it.”

“My energy levels are much higher, I’ve lost 40 pounds and my mindset about exercising has really changed”

Many people can relate to what Wendi Estrada was going through before she made the decision to join Boomer Fitness. She was overweight, out of shape, and was feeling breathless when she would go up the stairs. She also cringed inside every time someone wanted to take a picture of her. Making the decision to join Boomer Fitness and give it her all, she did more than lose weight. She changed the way she looked at exercise in general.

“My energy levels are much higher, I’ve lost 40 pounds and my mindset about exercising has really changed,” she says. “I think I’ve really been encouraged to be strong and I see a lot of benefits in that and it’s a big mental shift in how I looked at exercise.”

Her mind went from thinking she had to do lots of cardio to be thin to learning how to be strong and healthy. She also learned to not value herself by the number she sees on the scale. Today she looks in the mirror to see if she likes the results she is getting from her hard work at the gym. This has made her feel more confident, and she has even added in more goals that involve strengthen training and running.

“My experience at Boomer Fitness has been great,” she adds. “The trainers have always been encouraging and helpful and I like all of them. I was never intimidated by the classes because they are there for you.”

“Boomer Fitness gave me the plan when I was lost”

Kevin Peake

“I have little pain and am enjoying my life!”

Before I started Boomer Fitness. I was dealing daily with an enormous amount of pain and lack of energy. I wanted to improve my arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, back, and legs. I felt they were not strong enough to support the life I was leading and daily activity.  I was depressed and felt like I needed to get help to motivate myself and to reach my goals. My top goals were to lose weight and build muscle. I was sick of the depression, laziness and excuses. It took several months and I went from 297 and now weigh 220.  Take one of Brian’s workouts and you will see and feel your  desire and energy increase. You will then know with his direction and support that you can achieve your goals. I did and now I’m reaping the rewards. I’m feeling very little pain and in the best shape of my life. I’m having a blast!!Rex Mcnew

“My husband now calls me a skinny minnie!”

I lost 100 Lb’s off and on over 10 years always to gain it back.  I had a number of physical challenges such as MS.  My physical therapist told me that I need to do something or I would have to walk with a cane or even worse a wheel chair.  Brian Helped me put together a easy to use program that I could follow each day.  Each week on measurement day the weight kept coming off.  After training for a year I was able to keep the weight off and the best part is I know how to keep it off.  The best part is my husband really noticed as he called me a skinny minnie and I haven’t heard that since high school.Dinah Wells

“This was great as it fit in my demanding schedule!”

I travel a lot for work and expense account meals have a way of creeping up on you.  I gained a lot of weight and felt terrible, my fat level was approaching obese.  But working out on my own, it seemed like I was in the gym all the time and just staying status quo.  And with my schedule, it was difficult to build a solid program that would enable me to move forward.Doing Brian’s Boomer Fitness Routine helped me build a good, balanced workout routine and stay on track towards meeting my goals.  My workouts are more intense but I don’t spend as much time in the gym.  And working out now is actually fun and effective.  I’ve lost over 12% body fat while gaining strength and endurance.   More importantly, I feel better.  Unfortunately, the downside is that I had to buy new clothes as I was swimming in the old ones.  But that’s a downside I can live with.Len Elias

“I can now do 50 push-ups!”

During first boomer fitness workout, I had a sense that this was a whole life fitness regime. Workouts with weights 3 times weekly, cardio on my own, and writing down my entire food intake. I tracked my nutrition which measured my calorie consumption and habits. My concerns were past injuries to my back and knee.  The program took all my concerns and devised workouts to be the most effective to build strength around my weak areas.  In time I was able to fit in my clothing better. Do 50 pushups and know how to maintain a health weight for life with my new fitness lifestyle.

“This was the best decision I’ve ever made!”

“I first got started to get a quality program for my mom; What I ended up finding was a quality workout program that helped me lose the baby weight and get my body back. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

“I Thought I knew How to workout!”

“When I started, my goal was to lose 10 pounds and get in better shape to play soccer.  When you’re 40+ years old and trying to keep up with players half your age it can be tough.  I thought I knew how to work out, having been an athlete most of my life, but I had a thing or two to learn.  Training with Brian taught me how to work out properly, eat nutriously and give my body what it needed at the right times.
A trainer will help you improve physically and mentally which in turn can change your outlook on life.  Losing weight and getting in shape helped raise my confidence level and I was able to attain my goal of becoming a supervisor.  In the end I lost over 40Lbs.”

 Cheryl Oltman