If You Were Born Before 1970...

These 3 Gentle Movements Are Helping Older Parents Shed Fat, Gain Strength And Improve Mobility So Much So - They’re In Better Shape Than Their iPhone Addicted Children

For The First Time Ever - Baby Boomers Are In Better Shape Than Most 20-Year Olds…



For the first time ever, baby boomers are catching up to the younger generation…

They’re in better shape and have more energy than their younger counterparts. Everywhere you look, men and women in their 50, 60’s, 70’s, even their 80’s are crossing items off their bucket lists like hiking the grand canyon, running marathons, and performing in the Olympics.

That’s just a small list, but even if you just want to feel better, look better, perform better, there’s a super simple way you can get started…

And it doesn’t matter if you have arthritis, are overweight or haven’t exercised in years.

You see, Exercise Scientists have discovered a list of simple movements that can help supercharge your energy levels, increase your metabolism, while calmly lengthening your muscles and soothing your joints.

In fact, this list of gentle movements have been around for over 1,000 years and not going anywhere.

That’s why I’m so excited to share these age-defying tips with you on this page…

Because in the end, I’ve seen first-hand how age, is nothing but a number. It’s still possible to slow it down, and even feel like you’re reversing time on your body…

These Gentle Movements Can Slow Age-Related Weight Gain, Release Rusted Joints And Unlock Youthful Energy

Just doing these a few times per week could feel like a total-body make over. Not just physically, but mentally as well. While your internal health improves by the week…

In fact, clients who did what I said on this page, are shocked to notice how their blood work has massively improved during their yearly checkup with their doctor. While they’ve even noticed better circulation and a drop in their high blood pressure.

Their complexion seems more refreshed, they’re sleeping better and a lot of their pain has been erased from memory.


Now I know this sounds like a bunch of hot air, but it’s not…

You see, these movements have been passed down through the centuries and prized for their ability to re-align your body, mind and spirit…

Which is important in today’s society.

Everywhere you look and go, you’re bombarded by stress.

Rushing around, driving to and from work in traffic, keeping up with the latest fashions, sitting for 10+ hours per day… it all adds up to a slow-working and tight body with a foggy brain fueled by caffeine.

Baby Boomers Are Living A Life Empty On Energy With A Glass Full Of Fatigue

And it’s beginning to show…

According to the CDC, the number of baby boomers who’ve developed Type II diabetes in the last 20 years has tripled.

Group 133

It’s a serious health epidemic and can lead to vision loss, kidney disease, cardiovascular problems and limb amputations…

I’ve seen the last one happen first hand to those close to me. And believe me, you never think it’ll happen to you until it does…

But that’s not all…

You see, as you get older, your risk of developing memory decline like Dementia or Alzheimer’s increases as well. And one of the leading causes of this devastating condition that wipes out your memory like a virus infecting a computer is a lack of circulation. Specifically from high blood pressure.

Right now, it’s estimated 80 million men and women have high blood pressure and if you don’t try to nip this in the bud, it could only get worse with each passing birthday… Even if you are on medication.

You see, high blood pressure causes Vascular Dementia.

Which is a general term describing problems with reasoning, planning, judgment, memory and other thought processes caused by brain damage from impaired blood flow to your brain.

Really, I’d hate for you to lose all your precious and most cherished memories from something like Vascular Dementia. Especially when these gentle movements could help restore proper circulation to every square inch of your body, including your brain.

And last but not least, the main concern I hear from baby boomer clients is arthritis and osteoporosis…

The pain associated with both conditions can really slow you down and prevent you from living the life you love. It can hold you back and force you to sit on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun and playing in the game...

I Call These 3 Conditions The Aging Trifecta


Each one is influenced by the other…

Like a vicious cycle that will never stop until you get a handle on at least one of them. And for many, the easiest way to get started is to start calming the inflammation in your joints and muscles.

Being sidelined by pain is no way to live and will slowly creep into other areas of your life.

You should be able to stay active, to keep up with friends and loved ones, including the grandchildren. But that’s why this article is so important because I’m going to show you how to get started with these gentle movements to help squeeze the inflammation out of your joints and muscles so you can begin moving better.

And once you begin moving better, you could experience a host of other benefits that could help you feel better with each passing day…

Your blood pressure will improve, along with your circulation and energy levels…

Helping to improve blood flow to your brain so you’ll never worry about losing your most cherished thoughts. While your metabolism kicks into high gear. Helping you lose a bit of belly fat every week moving forward.

And it’s so easy to get started…

I Just Wish My Grandfather Had Access To This Information Before He Passed Away

You see, it was because of him that I decided to launch myself into the fitness industry and help baby boomers live a more active, vibrant, energetic life. One that’s full of energy and free of disease.

He was my idol and I felt helpless as I watched my Superhero deteriorate right before my eyes. As the years passed, he became more and more sedentary. He had trouble walking, he gained weight, until he wasn’t able to do the things that gave his life meaning.

He couldn’t operate his tractor. He couldn’t work on his farm. He couldn’t enjoy playing with his grandkids. And eventually, he succumbed to “old age” well before his time.

I hated watching this and like I said, since then have dedicated myself and my work to helping prevent this in anyone who would listen.

That’s when I started researching simple, yet powerful techniques my older clients could use to help them de-age their body. But I made sure these tips would not take hours per day, leave your gasping for breath, or have you eat nothing but carrot sticks and celery from ziploc bags.

Believe me.. I’ve been there and done that before with my own body and it’s not fun. As a former Air Force Veteran who saw combat, I always had to be ready for the unexpected. And these types of workouts helped us prepare for the worst…

It was in the Air Force I learned how to lead… How to use what worked, while throwing out the rest. To me, it’s all about getting the best results for my clients depending on their own unique situation. And that’s why I was lucky and blessed to be awarded Personal Trainer of The Year in 2018.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with hard exercise, but I found those butt-busting workouts could do more harm than good for the older population. Especially to your joints by turning up the fire inside your muscles and the inflammation response in your body so much, it could feel like wailing fire alarm of pain that never shuts off.

Forcing you to pop NSAIDS like Advil just to quiet the soreness and pain.

These Gentle Movements Are Mother Nature’s Natural Advil

They can help quiet the pain you feel in your joints and muscles each morning you wake up…

Helping you pop out of bed more quickly while you go about your day pain-free…

And when you’re pain-free, you’ll be in a better mood with sharper focus and more energy. The type of energy that’ll help you breeze through your day and enjoy your free time with loved ones and friends.

Now like I said, these movements have been around for over 1,000 years and have been enjoyed by more people than anyone can count. Simply because they work and do what they promise. Helping you relieve stress, lengthen your body while strengthening your muscles.

But of course that’s not all…

Here’s 10 Specific Reasons Why These Simple, Gentle Movements Can Help You Feel AND Look Better Almost Right Away…


1. Improve Heart Health:

One study found those over the age of 40 who performed these simple movements had better heart health and a lower blood pressure. Hypertension is known as the silent killer because you’ll never feel it. And each day, can slowly deteriorate your arteries and brain. That’s why it’s so important to get it under control and these movements can help…

Group 158

2. Fight Depression:

Medical scientists believe cortisol, your stress hormone could be a leading culprit towards the moody blues. However, studies have  shown when you perform these simple movements, they could blunt the cortisol-response in your body. Allowing your “happy hormones” to run rampant so you feel better the minute your eyes open in the morning.

Group 159

3. Reduce Chronic Pain:

Conditions like arthritis slow down tens of millions of baby boomers everyday. However, these movements were found to help ease osteoarthritis pain. Allowing you to move more freely without slowing down.

Group 171

4. Help You Sleep Better:

Getting enough sleep per night is the cheapest way to look and feel younger. One study found 69 elderly patients who performed these movements versus those who took a natural sleep aid, fell asleep faster and longer than taking the supplement.

Group 172

5. Improve Balance:

One study compared doing calisthenics versus these ancient movements. Over the course of a year, those who performed these movements versus the calisthenics group had 4X more flexibility and balance. Which is important as you get up in age. Balance is key to help prevent slips and falls. Especially if you live alone.

Group 157

6. Increase Strength:

Performing these movements a few times per week was found to increase upper body and lower body strength. So you never have to slow down or depend on others to help you get through your day and run errands.

Group 173

7. Enhance Weight Loss:

 A large public health study that included 15,550 adults aged 53 to 57 found these movements could help block age-related weight gain and with a healthy diet, could help you burn belly fat in just minutes per week. 

Group 195

8. Support Bone Strength:

Great news if you have osteopenia or osteoarthritis. These gentle movements have been shown to help increase bone mineral density in those with these conditions. Better yet, none of the participants in this massive study reported fractures, slips or falls.

Group 194

9. Relieve Stress:

 Cortisol is the enemy of us all in today’s stress-filled society. One study on women found those performed these movements for 3 months reported a lot less stress, anxiety, and depression. Allowing you to have a happier outlook and mood. Plus, be more productive in your everyday life.

Group 199

10. Calm Inflammation:

Heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and dementia are conditions associated with high levels of inflammation. But these movements can help. Studies have shown when you perform these simple movements, the inflammatory markers in your body could significantly decrease. Allowing you to say goodbye to daytime fatigue caused by an over-inflamed body.

These Ancient Movements Are The Secret Key To Unlock More Fluid Movement, Flexibility, Strength And Energy From Your Body

At the end of the day, it seems this series of exercises, which can be done without any equipment and in the comfort of your own home, could really help your body heal…

There’s so many benefits to these movements, you might be shocked how fast they begin working. In just 5 minutes per day, you could begin to feel more vibrant, alive and energetic…

You could notice more focus, mental stamina and endurance to keep up during the day.

In fact, many of my clients notice their sleep is more efficient…

Meaning if they only got 6 hours, it could feel like 8. Their body and brain is resting more deeply and waking up refreshed.

And we can’t forget about the cosmetic affects a deep sleep plus improved circulation can do for your skin because now, oxygen-rich blood will be reaching every square inch of your body. From the top of your head, to the tips of your toes.

Just don’t be surprised if anyone asks if you had some work done.

It could be that noticeable… and much, cheaper and painless. You only need minutes to get started...

That’s why I put these movements together in such a way, that even if you have arthritis throughout your entire body, you could still get started in the comfort of your own home and feel a world of difference.

Some Of These Movements You Could Do Sitting On Your Couch And Watching Your Favorite Shows


It doesn’t take much.

And now, because of the beauty of the internet, you can have access to all of these movements right away.

For the first time ever, I’m releasing them to the public. Why?

Because I want to impact the world...m

I want to help at least 10,000 baby boomers this year move better, feel better and look better.

After seeing how my Grandfather deteriorated before my eyes, visiting him in the Nursing Home, I knew I never wanted any other child to go through what I went through.

To lose your independence after working so hard for so many years is a crime of age. But from the transformations I’ve seen, age truly is nothing but a number.

So if you’re ready to stop the own deterioration in your body, to calm the inflammation in your joints, and to move more freely with the stamina of your younger years, then let me introduce you to Boomer Fitness.


Boomer Fitness is the result of a decades’ worth of in-the-trench research and over 1,000 years of empirical evidence that uses simple, gentle movements shown to help ease the pain in your body…

These sit and get fit exercises do not require equipment and can be done as you watch your favorite TV shows.

Success Stories Of People Like You Using Boomer Fitness

"I Have More Energy To Accomplish Long Stressful Days And Love To Come To Boomer With Motivation And Excitement."

“I wanted to lose my belly fat and tone all over my body. I was so out of shape. But eventually with Boomer Fitness, I lost most of my belly fat and strengthened my core. My arms and legs are strong and toned and I have more energy to accomplish long stressful days.”

- Rosa

“I’m Really Surprised With My Results”

“I wanted to lose 10 pounds, but actually went on to lose 20 pounds, bringing me down two dress sizes. I’m now fitting into work suits that had to be retired eight years ago. I’m really surprised with my results. It’s such a great feeling. I finally feel like myself again, for the first time in eight years. Don’t wait, get started now. It’s so worth it! Take care of your health. You and your loved ones deserve it.”

- Letty

“My Energy Levels Are Much Higher And I’ve Lost 40 Pounds”

I was overweight, out of shape, and was feeling breathless when I’d go up the stairs. I also cringed inside every time someone wanted to take a picture. However now, my energy levels are much higher, I’ve lost 40 pounds and my mindset about exercising has really changed. I think I’ve really been encouraged to be strong and I see a lot of benefits in that and it’s a big mental shift in how I looked at exercise."

- Wendi Estrada

“I Have Little Pain And Am Enjoying Life.”

“Before I started Boomer Fitness. I was dealing daily with an enormous amount of pain and lack of energy. I wanted to improve my arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, back, and legs. I felt they were not strong enough to support the life I was leading and daily activity. I was depressed and felt like I needed to get help to motivate myself and to reach my goals. My top goals were to lose weight and build muscle. I was sick of the depression, laziness and excuses. It took several months and I went from 297 and now weigh 220. Take one of Brian’s workouts and you will see and feel your desire and energy increase. You will then know with his direction and support that you can achieve your goals. I did and now I’m reaping the rewards. I’m feeling very little pain and in the best shape of my life. I’m having a blast!!

- Rex Mcnew

“My Husband Now Calls Me A Skinny Minnie!”

I lost 100 Lb’s off and on over 10 years always to gain it back. I had a number of physical challenges such as MS. My physical therapist told me that I need to do something or I would have to walk with a cane or even worse a wheel chair. Each week on measurement day the weight kept coming off. After training for a year I was able to keep the weight off and the best part is I know how to keep it off. The best part is my husband really noticed as he called me a skinny minnie and I haven’t heard that since high school.

- Dinah Wells

“This Was Great As It Fit In My Demanding Schedule!”

I travel a lot for work and expense account meals have a way of creeping up on you. I gained a lot of weight and felt terrible, my fat level was approaching obese. But working out on my own, it seemed like I was in the gym all the time and just staying status quo. And with my schedule, it was difficult to build a solid program that would enable me to move forward. Doing Brian’s Boomer Fitness Routine helped me build a good, balanced workout routine and stay on track towards meeting my goals. My workouts are more intense but I don’t spend as much time in the gym. And working out now is actually fun and effective. I’ve lost over 12% body fat while gaining strength and endurance. More importantly, I feel better. Unfortunately, the downside is that I had to buy new clothes as I was swimming in the old ones. But that’s a downside I can live with.

- Len Elias

“I Can Now Do 50 push-ups!”

During first boomer fitness workout, I had a sense that this was a whole life fitness regime. Workouts with weights 3 times weekly, cardio on my own, and writing down my entire food intake. I tracked my nutrition which measured my calorie consumption and habits. My concerns were past injuries to my back and knee. The program took all my concerns and devised workouts to be the most effective to build strength around my weak areas. In time I was able to fit in my clothing better. Do 50 pushups and know how to maintain a health weight for life with my new fitness lifestyle.

The Secret For These Successful Clients Is Sequential Progression

As you get stronger while lengthening your muscles, tendons and joints, you’ll progress to the next set of movements.

Now, as you move up the ladder, they won’t necessarily get harder. But will be targeting your body in different angles. You see, your body was never meant to move in one plane. To sit for hours all day. Or just perform bicep curls. That’s why some of the fittest and strongest humans on earth are gymnasts.


They’re explosive, fast, flexible and strong. It’s because they put their bodies through numerous body weight movements in varying angles. Challenging all 600+ muscles in their body...

But don’t worry, you won’t be jumping up on rings or doing flips. I promise...

Like I said, many of these can be done seated, standing or even lying on the floor. And we’ll start slow then progress from there.

And the best part, I’ll be right there with you…

You see, Boomer Fitness isn’t just some ebook with pictures. No, it’s a complete video series where I take you by the hand and show you how to do these movements…

You can take it to the gym with you, play it on your computer, tablet or phone. I break everything down and make it so easy to start…

Like Having Your Own Personal Trainer For 90% Less The Cost Of A One-hour Session

Like I said, my goal is to help at least 10,000 baby boomers reclaim their health and eventually their lives…

Aging doesn’t need to hold you back any longer.

You can fight back with Boomer Fitness. And it only takes minutes per day to get started.

These gentle movements have been shown to help ease arthritis pain, reverse osteopenia, calm high blood pressure, improve brain health, boost circulation and increase a sluggish metabolism.

Really, these movements have no bounds will help you feel better with each passing day. You just have to do them. I can’t do it for you.


So if you’re ready to commit at least a few minutes a few times per week, then I want you to have everything for the pre-sale, tiny, one-time investment of

Only $19

60-day money back guarantee

Honestly, my webmaster, clients, and friends think I’m crazy for giving all of this away for such a low price. Considering the 284 hours of documented video time I put into making this product.

For them, it’s about money and getting rich. For me, it’s about helping you. No matter what. And that’s why I’m also going to give you my 100% ironclad 60-day money back guarantee.

You see, we’re all busy and I’m sure your no different…

That’s why I’m giving you 60 days to just get started.

Just try it for a week and see how you begin to feel more alert, flexible and energetic. If after a week during the 60-day period, if you’re just not happy with the results you’re seeing and feeling, then shoot me an email, tell me about your experience and I’ll refund every penny of your small investment.

Imagine Feeling Just 10 Years Younger…

A lot can happen in a decade…

Time goes by fast. So think back and imagine how you would feel knocking 10 years off your body?

Imagine waking up in the morning, hopping out of bed and not feeling any pain in your feet, knees, hips or lower back…

Imagine when you wake up, you automatically feel alert and focused…

Like the flip of a switch turning on a light. You’ll be ready to go with a surge in natural energy that can’t be duplicated by drinking a cup of coffee.

And this vibrant burst will never diminish or float away like a leaf in the blowing wind. Because when you have the energy and stamina to get through your day, everything will just feel more effortless.

Your body, bones, joints and muscles will move like a well-oiled machine instead of a rusted, beat up old car.


These Movements Will Help Realign Your Body While Calming The Fiery Inflammation That Could Make You Feel Stuck

Even getting out the chair will begin to feel easier.

I can’t stress this enough, a lack of movement is a death sentence.

Your body was not meant to be stuck. That’s why no matter your situation, even if your joints are overflowing with arthritis, you can still get started today and right away.

All it takes is a few simple movements to get the ball rolling. Then from there, once you begin to notice your mobility improving, it’s up to you to see how far you want to go.

Everyday, we have news stories of men and women in their 70’s and 80’s doing amazing things like gymnastics, running marathons, or sailing around the world.

Now maybe you’re not into those activities and that’s fine… but if you’ve been feeling held back, then a simple walk around the block could be your first major goal.

Really, it’s all up to you...

There’s no rush. Remember, I’m going to be right there with you the entire time… holding your hand through it all…

You Have Two Options
Moving Forward

Group 137

Now option 1 is to forget everything you’ve heard and read here…

You can throw your hands up, give up and remain where you are. You can decide a life of pain, fatigue and prescription medication is how you want to live. And that’s fine. It’s your decision.

But why live like this?

You don’t have to at all. To deteriorate from your former self is not what I want for you and I doubt it’s what your family wants for you. It will only lead you down a path of more doctor visits, money for medication, and disease.

And if you live alone, eventually losing your independence because you can’t take care of yourself anymore. That’s not a life you want to live, I’m sure.

But there is a second option…

To click the yellow, rectangular button and join the 2,431 baby boomers who’ve said yes to Boomer Fitness in the past month.

Inside, I’ll be taking you by the hand and guiding you down the path of a more mobile, healthier body and mind. It’s not hard to get started. I promise you that. But you do have to take this step…

Once you do, I promise you’ll be shocked how fast you’ll notice results. Not just in the mirror, but your everyday life.

Activities And Errands That Used To Feel Hard, Will Begin To Feel Effortless

Like time was rewound on your body...

And from there, it's up to you how far you want to take these movements.

Remember, losing your independence is the worst thing that can happen, but it doesn't have to be this way. Once you get started, your flexibility will begin to improve. And if you have issues like high blood pressure and poor circulation, you’ll begin to have more feeling in your toes and hands.

That’s a sign the movements inside Boomer Fitness are doing their job...

Restoring your body the way Mother Nature intended.

Give Yourself This Gift Today

In the end, you deserve this and so does your family and loved ones...

Especially with all the science to back up how this could help alleviate a lot of health issues. Everything from joint pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, even fatigue could be erased by following Boomer Fitness.

That’s why I consider this a special time in history.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain today. More freedom and peace of mind. And don’t forget how much better your loved ones will feel to know you’re doing something great for yourself…

Ensuring you’ll be here for them for years to come...


Ensuring you’ll be here for them for years to come...

Nobody wants to be a burden and I doubt you want to go down this route. It’s time for you to take charge. Remember, you have 60 days to get started. Just give it one week and I promise you will notice a difference almost right away.

Click the button to get started right away. I can’t wait to hear about your success.

To Your Health,


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