Bar Hopping – Making the Healthiest Choice

You probably think I’m referring to some tasty alcohol drinks. And while those would make for an interesting discussion when it comes to choosing the healthiest ones, I’m actually not! The bars that I’m talking about here are nutrition bars.

Nutrition bars are everywhere today! They are available in stores, gyms, and even many vending machines. Some tout their protein levels, others focus on fiber, and still others aim to give you energy. So just how do you determine what goes into a healthy bar? You have to read the labels to really determine if it is a good bar or not!

Don’t just grab any old nutrition bar off the shelf, especially if you want to lose weight. Here are the top things you need to look at when evaluating a nutrition bar:

Protein – look at the sources of protein. You should see soy or whey listed. Protein bars are often available in gyms and are ideal for those trying to build up muscle.

Fiber – see how much fiber the bar provides. Ideally, you want 1 gram for every 100 calories.

Sugar – make sure that it is low in sugar. Keep in mind that every teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to four grams. So look at the sugar amount and divide it by four to see how many teaspoons of sugar is in the bar. The lower the amount of sugar, the better.

Sweeteners – there should not be any. If there is, then it should be sugar alcohol or stevia.

Carbs – look to see what the carbohydrate count is and aim for lower count ones.

Fat – you want to make sure that it is unsaturated fat, as saturated fat clogs your arteries and will be defeating your fitness and workout efforts.

The market today is flooded with a wide variety of bars. Some are designed for those trying to build muscle, while others are quick snacks, and others are meant as an entire meal replacement. Only you know what bar you need, depending on when you want to use it. Just do your homework to make sure you get one that is not sabotaging your efforts.

When it comes to flavor and taste, which is something you will need to decide on your own, as it is a matter of personal preference. Some of the top nutrition bars to consider include Clif Bars, ProBar, Luna Bar, and Larabar. So what’s your favorite bar hopping nutrition bar?

4 thoughts on “Bar Hopping – Making the Healthiest Choice

  1. Christine Elias

    Oh Yeah! 1/2…The regular sized bar is termed by fitness/nutritionists
    as the OH NO! bar. The newer 1/2 sized is in line with most of the protein
    bars listed above and it is SO decadent tasting.

  2. Shawn

    My favorite is Clif Builders Chocolate Mint. It does contain saturated fat, 20g of sugar, and 31g of carbs, but it also has 20g of protein and 4g of fiber. It has 270 calories. It seems to be better then the Power Bar Vanilia Yogurt, which I also like. The Power Bar has 300 cal, sat fat, 19g sugar, 1g fiber, and 23g protein.

  3. admin Post author

    Good Call Chris on going with half the bar:)

  4. admin Post author

    Those are good bars for a pre or post workout Shawn.

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