An Interview with Personal Trainer, Brian Stecker

Brian Stecker is a certified personal trainer who specializes in helping baby boomers achieve fitness. When he is not busy with his clients in the gym, he is working on his blog, getting the fitness message out there in a variety ways, and even creating videos that demonstrate how to make some healthy recipes!

Q. What made you want to focus on the baby boomer area of fitness?

A. The baby boomers, those people who were born after 1940, make up a large portion of our population. They are also often overlooked by many people who are on a mission to help people become more fit. The number one reason I like to work with them is mobility. It is important to baby boomers in order to stay independent and maintain longevity. One my biggest motivations for focusing on the baby boomer area was my grandfather. While he was once able to get around the farm doing all the things he had always been used to doing, like milking cows and working in the fields, he ended up needing knee surgery and then struggled to do the things he was used to doing. I realized by watching how he struggled, that we often learn our fitness habits from our parents. Baby boomers didn’t have the solution, which is why Americans are struggling so much, and I want to focus on that and help them. In doing so, my goal is that they will be able to maintain doing all those things they have always loved doing.

Q. What is your fitness plan with helping baby boomers start out?

A. When a baby boomer first gets started in adopting a fitness routine, it is always best to work with a personal trainer. What I do with my clients is to help them get off to a good start that will help prevent injuries, but will also help them meet their goals and progress at a pace that is challenging, but appropriate for their current fitness level.

Q. Why is there an emphasis on helping baby boomers build strength?

A. Having a strong body will help reduce risks of injuries from falls, and will help keep people mobile, active and independent. With aging, people often fear losing their mobility and independence. Maintaining a strong, active body can help to prevent this from happening.

Q. What is the typical mindset of a baby boomer when it comes to fitness?

A. I find that most of them that I work with are surprised what they are actually capable of achieving. Society has led them to believe that it is time to take a seat and rest. Once I start working with them, I am able to change their mind set and show them that they are able to achieve fitness goals, and their body is much better off for doing so.

Q. What is your background with fitness?

A. I have been a personal trainer for 10 years, working with mostly baby boomers, and I have a degree in exercise science strength and conditioning.

Q. What is one thing you want baby boomers to know about fitness?

A. Getting fit, and working out regularly, is the best possible way that you can turn back the clock. It will help your body get in shape, keep you feeling great, and is the best anti-aging solution that there is. Baby boomers who keep active and work out add years to their life, help maintain their mobility and independence, and just all around feel better, making it so worthwhile!


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