A Big Announcement!

I have a big announcement to make and I hope that you are all as excited about it as I am. Drum roll please… I’m doing a show!

That’s right, I have decided to participate in the upcoming Las Vegas Classic bodybuilding show. This is big news, right? Of course it is and it’s going to be great! The show takes place in Sin City, otherwise known as Las Vegas, on November 2, 2013. That means I have less than two more months to get busy preparing for this challenge. But I’m excited and ready to meet it head on.

You may be wondering why it is that I have decided to get involved in a body building show. After all, my career is that of a Vancouver, Washington-based trainer who specializes in working with baby boomers and senior citizens. Well, I have several reasons for wanting to get involved in this bodybuilding show, which include:

  • Inspiring my clients. That’s right! I want to be an inspiration to all my personal training clients. I think that one way to do that is to be in the Las Vegas Classic bodybuilding show. That’s because it will require me to work hard, achieve milestones, stay committed, and to achieve a goal that I have set. I am always harping to my clients about setting and achieving fitness goals. With this, I’m taking my own advice.
  • Gain understanding. Since I’m the personal trainer many people feel as though I don’t have a clue what they are going through on the other side of the table. Well this is going to give me an idea. A real good idea! With the training I will be doing for this bodybuilding event I will get a good taste of what it is that you all go through during training and setting goals. I believe the experience will help me in my personal training further down the road.
  • Personal reasons. I do have a few reasons that are personal and close to my heart. Some of you who personally know me may know these already. If you don’t that’s okay, this will leave you intrigued, and that’s a good thing! But just know that I do have some personal reasons as well.

An important thing for me to note here is that I have hired a coach to work with to train for this event. I heard many of you just say “why” in unison. There are a lot of reasons. Just like how you hire a personal trainer so you have someone to hold you accountable, identify and improve weak areas, focus a plan to reach the goal, etc., they are the same reasons that I am working with a coach for my training. Oh, and stay tuned because you will have the chance to win some prizes as we get closer to this big goal of mine! I look forward to sharing my experiences with you once I have been in the show.