9 Reasons Why Women Over 40 Should Engage in Strength Training

Portrait of a woman with a towel around her neck holding a protein shaker and standing at gym after workout.

Women love to do cardio. Take a quick drive throughout the Vancouver, Washington area or pop your head into any health club and you will see women doing cardio everywhere. If they make the commitment to exercise, they will usually do a lot of cardio, assuming that they are helping to burn fat. Problem is, if they are only doing cardio they are missing out on a lot of health benefits, including burning fat!

Women over the age of 40 should engage regularly in strength training. When you make strength training part of your routine, you will burn fat, and become a lean calorie-burning machine. The best approach to fat burning is done through strength training, which increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight. And no, you will not become bulky if you do strength training, which is the most common myth I encounter.

There are many benefits of doing strength training, including these top 9:

Reversing and lowering bone density loss. If you want strong bones, strength training is the way go.

Strength training builds muscle mass, which helps you be stronger and burn more calories.

You will have a better body image when you do strength training, because it helps you look more toned and stronger.

Strength training will help you to have more energy and feel happier because of the endorphins and serotonin it releases.

You will be able to sleep better when you regularly do strength training exercises because it helps to balance your hormones.

You will help your body to reduce the risks of common diseases, such as cancer.

Those who do strength training typically have a better sex drive because it helps to regulate your hormones and keep them at a healthy level.

Your metabolism will be improved, so your body will be burn calories more efficiently.

Your overall health will be improved.

When you look at the benefits of doing strength training exercises, you can see that there is no good reason not to engage in them, and many good reasons for doing so. They are the best way to help your body get fit, feel great, become and stay healthy, and for you to love the way you look. The good news is that it’s never too late to get started with strength training. Any age can do it, and everyone benefits from it!