3 Fat loss exercise tips for women over 40

Although Boomer Fitness is located in Vancouver, Washington, I like to learn about what others in the field are doing. On several fitness workshops that I have gone to I have run into Shawna Kaminski, who owns a gym in Calgary and is one of that city’s top fitness trainers. One of the things I respect most about her is that she lives what she preaches.

Recently, I got a chance to interview Shawna and get her take on how females can best go about staying fit over the age of 40. She was happy to share her top three recommendations for this, which include:

  1. Giving up cardio as your number one weight loss tool. Most people don’t realize it, but cardio will raise your stress levels, as well as your cortisol. This is going to keep you from reaching your weight loss goals. If you can do more interval-based cardio, including springs, jump rope, mountain climbers, and yes, even burpies, you will have a more successful time trying to lose weight.
  1. Start lifting weights. Now you may be thinking that you don’t want to do that because you will become big and bulky, but I want you to understand that is not going to happen. Becoming big and bulky is really hard work, it’s not what you will be doing. Look at Shawna in the video. She does weights 4-6 days a week for years. Does she look huge and bulky? Not a chance! Women just don’t have the hormones to be huge. You can add muscle and it will jump start your metabolism. Plus, you will love the new toned up look it gives you.
  1. Watch your diet. Avoid the “see food” diet, where you eat whatever you happen to see. Instead, opt for keeping a food log, watching your portion sizes, and eating more nutrient-dense foods. Also, make sure you are getting enough calories so you are not walking around hungry.

There you have it, the three key principles that Shawna follows herself in order to stay lean, healthy, and fit. These are things that you can easily do over 40 that will keep you healthy, fit, and loving life. It’s important to see that what you have been doing all along hasn’t been working. Making some changes, like the ones listed above, is what will help take you where you want to be. If you don’t believe me, try one of our fitness challenges and see for yourself. My guess is you will love the way you look and feel after eight weeks of this approach and want to stick with it for good!

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